Big Ten’s top 25 players for 2022-23 season: 20-16


List so far:

  1. Malik Hall (MSU)
  2. Donta Scott (MARY)
  3. Boo Buie (NORW)
  4. Coleman Hawkins (ILL)
  5. Patrick McCaffery (IOWA)
  6. Race Thompson (IND)
  7. Jaelin Llewelyn (MICH)
  8. Tony Perkins (IOWA)
  9. Jalen Pickett (PSU)
  10. Justice Sueing (OSU)

HM: Tyson Walker (MSU), Jett Howard (MICH), Jalen Hoo-Schifino (IND), Skyy Clark (ILL), Jahmir Young (MARY), Mason Gillis (PUR)

Some notable players not ranked yet:

Hunter Dickinson (MICH)
Xavier Johnson (IND)
Trayce Jackson-Davis (IND)
Terrence Shannon (ILL)
Matt Mayer (ILL)
Kris Murray (IOWA)
Julian Reese (MARY)
Donald Carey (MARY)
AJ Hoggard (MSU)
Jaden Akins (MSU)
Jamison Battle (MINN)
Dawson Garcia (MINN)
Zed Key (OSU)
Zach Edey (PUR)
Paul Mulcahy (RUT)
Caleb McConnell (RUT)
Cliff Omoruyi (RUT)

My guess:

  1. Trayce Jackson-Davis
  2. Hunter Dickinson
  3. Kris Murray
  4. Zach Edey
  5. Jamison Battle
  6. Matt Mayer
  7. Terrence Shannon
  8. Xavier Johnson
  9. Cliff Omoruyi
  10. Caleb McConnell
  11. AJ Hoggard
  12. Zed Key
  13. Paul Mulcahy
  14. Dawson Garcia
  15. ???
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You have Kris Murray twice. He’s good, but he’s not that good. :grinning:

Woops. Now I just need to figure out who the 15th guy is. Tanner Holden??? Chucky Hepburn???

Gotta be Hepburn. Also maybe Tyler Wahl. If Hoggard’s on the list in the top 15 I’m going to faint.

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Would you take Hepburn over Hoggard??? And if Hoggard isn’t in the top 15, you have to find someone else for that 15th spot???

I think it’s close. I’d personally have them both around 21-25. I just would give up everything I’ve ever known if Dylan attached his name to something that says AJ Hoggard is an all Big Ten player. Nothing would make sense anymore.

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Yeah, I don’t disagree. But now that we’re past the low 20s, I don’t see where else he fits. And I’d probably never would have considered ranking Hepburn. The true travesty here is that Boo Buie is way underrated on here. Probably Llewellyn as well.


I would like to reiterate my obligatory “good god the Big Ten is horrible this year” take.

We’re seriously debating if AJ Hoggard or Chucky Hepburn are top 15 guys and sad that Boo Buie didn’t get closer to the top 10


Hepburn will be in if he didn’t get an HM mention . Dylan has said he’s a pretty easy sophomore jump guy.

How many games is Northwestern going to win? I originally had him a bit higher but the reality is that they’re horrible and lose their best player.

You guys also have someone not on the list in your hypothetical list :thinking:

I’m not a huge fan of AJ’s game but he’s going to dominate the ball and rack up a ton of assists. Not sure how he would be off the list. The chances that Boo Buie is more relevant to this Big Ten season than AJ Hoggard feel minuscule.

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Yeah I don’t get that at all. He shot 42% from 2 on 15% usage while playing next to an elite NBA draft pick who dominated the ball. Chucky Hepburn on high usage is probably gonna rival Chase Audige’s effeciency.

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Oh god this is so much worse than I thought (not your list, but the conference and life as I know it)

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Maybe 2 or 3 conference games, but they will both be because of phenomenal Boo Buie performances atleast!

I have come to terms that Tyler Wahl is going to be listed in the top 15 and I hate it

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I know why he is ranked where he is, but I’d buy Donta Scott stock at this level. Last year’s Maryland season was a perfect storm of misery, and the school’s personnel decision sent an early, clear message that nobody particularly cared what happened.

God bless him, but Danny Manning seems to clearly be a pretty poor coach, and while I don’t love the hire for them, we can agree I think Willard is competent.

I expect Scott to fulfill some of his promise from two years ago.

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No Jaden Akins? Maybe he hasn’t done enough yet to rank in the top 15, but I bet he will be there at the end of the season.

Based on what?

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knock all these guys down 1, as rj melendez will be the top

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I just didn’t envision a way that Akins was getting ranked ahead of Hoggard and Hall in the preseason

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