Big Ten Offseason Thread


I think we can do it by committee. Irvin maar Walton should all be treated equally and used equally.three headed monster.


Im really really hopeful that Simpson is good enough to play meaningful minutes. Brings something else to the table and gives us a lot of room to play with lineups, sliding DW to the 2 at times.


Curious what everyone thinks of Dylan’s Top 25 list so far.

Overrated: Dom Uhl, Isaac Haas
Underrated: Corey Sanders, Shep Garner


I disagree with putting Huerter, who hasn’t yet played in college, and Uhl ahead of MAAR. MAAR had better efficiency statistics than Uhl with more usage, while Huerter is completely unproven. I guess those two are based on their potential for this year. Regardless, I’d take MAAR over both this season.


That’s approximately where I see Haas and Garner.

Dom will have opportunity at Iowa to be the second guy after Jok so, like Coleman at Illinois, it’s hard to shy away from them when they’ll have a nice role in their second year.

I agree, Corey Sanders is underrated. I think he’ll do better in his 2nd season.
I also think Blackmon is way underrated. No way he’s outside the Top 15 despite his lack of defense.

I also think MAAR is too high. I wouldn’t have him in my Top 25.


I’d move Rahk above Huerter and Uhl.

Also Irvin should definitely be below James Blackmon, IMO.


My favorite version of Zak was the final 10 or so games of 2014-2015 when he was averaging ~5 assists per game and running the PnR. Will give him an injury pass on what he could physically do on the court last year, but that version of his facilitation/decision making is what is needed to compliment the other pieces in the offense.


It will be easier to comment once the entire list is revealed.


I am curious how Trimble, Macintosh, Koenig and Walton will be ranked relative to one another. My guess is they will be in this order:


I expect all of these guys to fall in 6-15 range.


Id think:

  1. Trimble
  2. Macintosh
  3. Koenig

and then Dwalt might not even be ranked. It’s hard to see him coming in ahead of Zak, though I think he has the potential/ability to be the best player on our team


Man, I hope Walton takes the next step as a reliable playmaker in the half court.


I can see Trimble, Macintosh and Koenig listed in that order by the Hall/Dillon but to me Walton stacks right up there with them. I have said previously about a week ago that I am not all that impressed by Trimble (think he is soft and not as good as his frosh season). Walton and Zak as seniors will be leaders in the conference. I will also stated that although those individuals will be listed above Walton I don’t necessarily believe they are much better or even better at all. The coming season will see if I need to eat my words.


Think Waltons gotta be ranked, although I agree I am shocked he’d be put ahead of Irvin.

I still remember the Minnesota game from last year when Walton was completely unstoppable. I think he had 26, 8 and 7. 19 points in the first half. The talent is there if he finds consistency.


I agree with you on Trimble being overrated. His shot is the worst out of the 4 and I suspect his inflated sense of his value does not do him any favors on the court either–he strikes me as having an heir of entitlement which leads to him not being particularly hungry…However, Trimble has elite speed and his pocket passes are beautiful. In my mind all 4 of these guys have the potential to be very good or fall flat.


Me too. During the second half of the B1G play/B1G tournament/NCAA, it really seemed like Dwalt was reaching another level of playmaking/running the offense, but the rest of the guys couldnt catch up. Like Dwalt saw plays/cuts/passes that should be made, but his teammates weren’t on the same page.

Also, his defense in the Notre Dame game was insane, and displayed every ounce of defensive potential that he has. His hand and feet were ridiculously quick, reminded me of how annoying Peyton Siva was, in 2013.


You may be right, and if you are, I guess Id just disagree with Dylan. I think Dylan is a big fan of Dwalt’s game, sans inconsistency.

But the potential is absolutely there. As I said to Lopez, I think Dwalt was really starting to come on, towards the end of last season. His playmaking showed real promise, and his defense against ND was one of the best defensive UMich performances I had seen in a while. Even with his struggles near the rim, consistency in his 3pt shooting would make him incredibly dangerous


You’re 100% right, he did regress his sophomore year. Without looking at the stats I’d say Trimble was way better than Walton but surprisingly it’s much closer than I would’ve thought.

Walton’s assist to turnover ratio was pretty close: 1.45 to Trimble’s 1.56. Walton actually had a better offensive rating than Trimble in Big Ten play, 105.7 to 103.0, albeit on a little lower usage. Trimble’s shooting fell off a cliff his sophomore year, falling 31.1% from deep. Trimble has around a 13% better two point percentage but I think Walton’s 9% better three point percentage more or less makes up for that and it shows with their very similar true shooting percentage. Walton had a better steal rate (top 100 in the country, which I had no idea of before looking at that) and obviously a much better rebound rate. Looking at these stats actually gets me pretty excited for Walton’s senior year. Improve the 2 point percentage and assist rate and I think he’s a top 3-4 Big Ten point guard.


I could see JaQuan Lyle being ranked ahead of Walton as well. Very impressive season for a frosh.


I think putting Lyle that high would take a lot of positive projecting. He’s obviously talented, and will have ample opportunity to put up numbers and production, but he was incredibly inefficient and needs to become a more well-rounded player


I think he already is a well rounded player he can score the ball, get to the line, rebound, and assist, this was all as a frosh. He can either not attempt as many 3’s or get better that alone would make him a great player. Put it in perspective imagine if Michigan had a true frosh that came in and average 11ppg 4+ assists 4+ rebs a game the hype would be large.