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I absolutely agree, Bacon, but we live in a different world, a more litigious one. High D I coaches are also paid MILLIONS of dollars to coach basketball. For all we know, Pitino could have been told, “Lynch WILL practice with the team and if asked asked, this is what you will say.” Again, I don’t say that makes it right, I’m just saying that’s what may be. I couldn’t live under those circumstances, and I’m sure you couldn’t either. I’m certain Coach B wouldn’t be allowing Lynch to practice with the team, but then, he wouldn’t have brought Lynch into the program in the first place. As far as Grant Perry is concerned, I couldn’t agree with you more!


I know all the excuses about why coaches/administration don’t stand up for these things. But that’s all they are - excuses. Until people in power stand up to it or are made to, things won’t change and we’ll be dealing with the same BS.


Yeah, it’s a bit like the guards at Auschwitz saying they were just following orders.


I agree with you 100% but it’s just the world we live in now. Protect your brand before anything else.


It’s not the world we live in now, it’s the world we’ve always lived in.



Blech. Sucks for him, and because I am very selfish, it sucks for us, as their wins were our wins.


Is there any possible way I can lose my under 135 in the MSU - RUTGERS game after this start?


Exhibit A on why there’s no dominant teams this year. MSU proving they aren’t.

Also, something that doesn’t get talked about when discussing seeding. There’s a regional in Detroit this year. 7 seed or higher and there’s a good chance Michigan can play in their backyard.


Only possible way this game went over 135 was an overtime session. Sheeesh!


Better play than MSU -21…


Same result, unfortunately.


Can you forgive me if I got a chuckle out of this one?

Not quite an SVP Bad Beat, but still…

Ugh, I know it’s hard, but man they’ve been letting Winston get the inbounds too easily here

Btw, what’s with the discolored skid mark on Sparty Court?


Was thinking the same thing! Thought, while msu was shooting FTs, Pickell would tell his guys to double Winston on the next possession(s). Oh well, probably better for us and for the B1G that msu won.


They just didn’t even seem to care that the 89% FT shooter was getting the ball every time…


I’m often appalled at how easily teams let the other teams’ best FT shooters get the ball. Some guys are really good about getting the ball, but it’s often way too easy.


What I tell my students is that an anecdote is a story. And it’s just one story. Because it has a narrative we may tend to think it’s an explanation. But it’s only if we compile the evidence, through stats, to prove it that we can go back and call that anecdote illustrative. The tendency to universalize from one story, especially from personal experience, is. . . universal. But if we’re looking for laws then we need science, replicability. Looking at you, Mr. Leader.


Oof. 12-5.

Like Illinois (-4.5) and Ohio State (-4.5) tonight against an Iowa team that might be the worst in the Big Ten and a Maryland team that doesn’t play any defense.


Andrew Dakich, lighting it up for the Buckeyes! Nope, he wouldn’t have helped us more than our grad transfer has. He is most definitely playing “meaningful” minutes and making “positive” contributions for Ohio State! :grinning:


Thank you, I was just going to post something about that. Kid is solid and we have a guy we can’t trust even a minute on the court.