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The Pitinos are a one of a kind family.


Yes, but that’s exactly the point. If you score the points midway through the second half, instead of in the last two minutes, all else will not be equal. The game may never get close enough for it to matter that one of your starters fouled out.


Isn’t one of psus better guys out? I’d go IU all day.


Easy once the game is over :slight_smile: Josh Reaves didn’t play (don’t think that was public beforehand) and it looks like IU is going to hold on for a win. Terrible loss for Penn State though … needed to win games like this.


Haha, just got home from work and had no idea what time it started or who’s winning still.


2-0 tonight. Up to 12-4.

Lock in Michigan State -21 vs. Rutgers. Leaning Minnesota +4.5 at Northwestern, but want to do some digging first.


This has absolutely nothing to do with Pitino. Everyone can say the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. You want to say you can control players 100% of the time, it’s not realistic. Pitino said all the background info came back fine. It’s not exactly the easiest thing in the world for someone to come forward and not take a talented basketball player when there is nothing in the info you gathered that said Lynch had issues. It would be different if he was charged with a crime while in HS or at Illinois State and he wasn’t.

The school is protecting itself from a lawsuit from the Lynch family. The news conference was very bland and not specific for a reason. They can’t say anything that will put them into a tough position with the judicial system. My guess is that things may change a bit more with another woman coming forward but they have to let the judicial system play out before kicking him off the team.

On top of that, not everyone is Beilein. Lots of coaches want kids with a bit of an edge. Beilein won’t take a kid if he was lazy academically his freshman and sophomore years. Most coaches won’t do that because they have to win or they lose their job.__

Coffey is now out indefinitely. Puts a lot of pressure on the rest of the team to perform. They went from Sweet 16ish team to being on the bubble. Having expectations is hard, ask Northwestern.


Pitino doesn’t have to let him practice during the appeal process. Especially considering it’s his second issue regarding this. Never said anything about him not doing background work. If the checks came back clear, fine. No problem with letting him in your program. But when he is punished by the university a second time for a similar transgression…

And when asked about the school’s policies and whether they should be changed, he responded with: “I don’t know, I’m just a basketball coach.” This indicates an awful attitude regarding an issue that is incredibly important, not just in college athletics, but in society as a whole. “I’m just a basketball coach” doesn’t jive with me and shouldn’t jive with anybody. Not saying he has to have all the answers or have a hand in the policy shaping. But he sure needs to have a better response than “I’m just a basketball coach.”


Let’s just say I question that the background checks actually came back fine.


I am NO fan of Pitino, Rick or Richard, but my understanding is that the powers that be have taken a lot of power away from basketball coaches. To some extent what is happening now at Minnesota, bringing Lynch into the program not withstanding, that’s on Pitino. I’m pretty sure university administration is telling Pitino what he can and cannot do, hence the “I’m just a basketball coach” comment. Administration may be telling Pitino that he HAS to allow the kid (actually grown man) to practice. Bobby Knight would never have stood for that. Nor, I think, would Coach B, although he and Bobby Knight are about 180 degrees apart in terms of demeanor and the way they handle kids. I personally would have NEVER allowed that kid to practice when I was coaching, but then I didn’t coach Division I college basketball in 2018. The whole thing is a mess and is an eyesore to both Richard Pitino and the university, and perhaps to big time college basketball as a whole.


Then he should speak out and say what’s happening. He doesn’t have to throw them under the bus, but he can say “according to policies that I am required to follow, Reggie is going to return to practice until the appeal process is concluded.” Not, “I’m just a basketball coach.” Coaches have been using that excuse to cover up scandals for forever.

Coaches need to do a better job in this area. And I’d say the same if this was going on with JB. I was very critical of JH (and still am) for letting Perry back on the team, without at least extensive education and reeducation on the topic and some other stipulations to warrant returning to the team.


It’s not the right thing to say but he also doesn’t want to say, “I’m the basketball coach, I’m here to win games.” He says he’s just the basketball coach because he doesn’t make up university/athletic policy regarding anything.

Pitino had a bunch of different people come in and speak to the team this summer regarding a lot of different issues. He’s been trying to make things better for the program.


Change doesn’t happen unless people in power change. Pitino is a person in power. I applaud him if he is making efforts to education the players and students, but isn’t it all for nought if he doesn’t make a true stand on it?


How in the world would you know whether or not this happened?


He very well could try to take a stand and administration could say that Lynch is still a member of the team because of potential legal issues.


And? At least he’d make it clear where he stood.


Because he only initially missed two freaking games. Which, IMO, is not enough to implement any sufficient education on the subject. And because when he discussed his support for reinstating Perry in the summer, JH made no mention of it despite identifying what other punishments/stipulations he had to meet. “We’ve already suspended him, pretty severely, from games and time around the football team,” Harbaugh said. “Just following athletic department and university protocol, that’s all we did the entire time through.”


Honestly one of the last things I want here is to litigate Michigan football legal cases.


Ok. I’ll stay mum on it from now on.