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Good for him



OSU is looking rough for next season. Yikes. Hot mess down in Columbus. Not sure how they’re creating much offense next season.


That’s for sure.

Feels like things could possibly start to move in Columbus where the coaching situation is concerned. Statements connected to the reasons why Lyle quit will be exposed sooner or later. His words may have a chance to start a firestorm that will be carried toward the OSU Athletic Dept. I don’t know anything about it yet. Wait and see mode.


Whoa, this is insane. So now they have 8 scholarship players for next year?? I thought our 2015 recruiting class was disappointing, but OSU’s is crazy bad. Zero players left on the roster after 2 seasons? All five of those players were top 120 and three of them were top 55. Wow.


9 players left.

The fan is turning. I’m not sure what type of stuff will hit it. Strange the OSU Athletic Department let a month go without announcing Lyle had quit.


Also very strange that with a fan base as large as OSU’s and with as many dedicated writers and insiders y’all have that it somehow went over a month without anything getting leaked.


Agree with last 2 posts. Hard to keep something like that on the downlow for that long at a program that big. Think it’s safe to presume that Bazley knew and was part of his decommitment?


I agree w/you both, wolverheel & ChipJonez. Safe to say Bazley’s decommit syncs w/Lyle’s departures.


This was fun


Most recent take (I don’t know if it’s true but it’s being stated that way) on Lyle’s departure from the OSU program.
It’s all couched and presented as rumors (wink, wink):

  1. Lyle was going through whatever team function in a non-committed manner.
  2. One or two of Lyle’s teammates took exception to his effort and called a player’s only meeting.
  3. Is thought Lyle was criticized for his attitude and told to shape up or he should get out.
  4. Lyle didn’t like it. Went to the coaching staff.
  5. Coaching staff told him they weren’t getting involved in player relationships.
  6. Lyle left school.
  7. It’s thought Lyle’s choice to leave was not publicized because Matta was leaving him room to decide to come back and get after the off-season program as he was asked to by his teammates.

You can read it here. It’s a free story by Steve Helwagen, the most knowledgeable, and long standing Ohio State media guy out there, along with Jeff Rap.

I think Lyle’s arrest (punching a police cruiser - LOL ) will complicate any move back to the university he may want to try.


Interesting and in depth article on the situation and its effect on the program. This thought above does seem somewhat plausible, as it seems like Lyle is a kid who can act on emotion, and not necessarily a cancer in the locker room (could be off on that).

Crazy how much the success of the B1G teams in this region rely upon being able to lure away the Ohio kids. Some interesting commentary in the article on that aspect…goes to show how huge the recruitment of Nance and Hunter may be.


Twitter war?
Going to be a long off season.



Looks like Justin Jackson is headed back to Maryland


Honestly if I was an NBA gm picking in the 20s I’d take Jackson in a heartbeat. I’m very fond of his game. His game translates well to NBA wings. I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays himself into a fringe lottery guy.


My apologies to @ghostofstjohnarena, but this is a pretty interesting read. For a while there, it looked like the Michigan 2014-15 class would be the gold-standard for a recruiting class that set-back/sunk a program that had previously been rolling, but the 2015-16 OSU class–which was considerably higher rated than the 14/15 Michigan class–set the bar pretty high. It’s also been a while since I reflected on just how dominant/talented Matta’s Oden/Conely/Sullinger/Turner teams were.


No apologies necessary, BleedBlue.
mgoblog, as most do, still believes Matta just passed right over Trey Burke, as though every coach in the country just knew he was going to be a super at the next level and Thad said anyway, “Nah, my Buckeye program doesn’t need another super around here.”
But that’s the only thing that rankled me about it.
Otherwise, that’s pretty much the story. Warts and all.


mgoblog’s basketball coverage in general kinda grinds my gears. Alex Cook is very meh for someone who is primarily focused on basketball. Not to mention if we’re not doing well they just completely stop covering it before jumping back on the bandwagon later (Very evident this season).


Im interested what the OSU perspective of Trey’s recruitment is. My fandom began with Trey’s freshman season (my freshman year, too). I followed B1G basketball, but not really recruiting. What I’ve gathered, since, is that OSU felt set at pg, with Craft; and that they could have gotten Trey, if they wanted him.

And I generally agree on MgoBlog’s basketball coverage, nowhere near UMhoops’s quality of content. But I’ll read just about anything on the basketball team.