Big Ten Discussion


McCoy to unlv. Avoided that bullet with izzo. Interesting choice.


Mark smith to MSU makes a ton of sense to me.


Yes, Thompson is gone. Was tied for 3rd oldest player to declare for the NBA Draft.

Also, Kam Williams has placed his name in the NBA Draft. Hasn’t retained an agent. I’ve heard it’s possible he may have had enough of college life. The fact the past two years haven’t been rewarding on court has added strain and he’s experienced a redshirt season, too.
Still wait and see on KW, though.

The Fighting (…or Flyin’) Illini fanbase will implode if that occurs.


Nothing would make me happier :slight_smile: although, a real possibility is smith committing to Illinois and tilmon recommitting to Illinois. They’d be pretty good if that was the case.


Likely so…

Mizzou boards are being given credit for thinking Tilmon is a lock for the Tigers…


Illinois reaaalllly could use Tilmon and Smith. Didn’t pickett ask out of his letter too?


I’m not surprised. Matta has had a ton of success. I’m not sure what has happened to their program after the last few years. It will be interesting to see if that is an anomaly or if it is a trend of decline.


Yes he did. He’s not a big ten type player though. He’s more of a lower d1 player.


Thanks for clarification. For whatever reason, I thought he was more highly regarded.


Did I just see that Bazley decommited from OSU?


Yes. I just saw that as well. Seems like a big loss on their part.


Any idea who the new contenders for his services will be? Looks like he committed before he got any other offers (according to 247), but had interest from Xavier, Cinci, Purdue, and Dayton.


Would not mind a bit if we got involved


Yep. Dang.

It is. Ohio State had a good 2018 class going. Needed to add a point guard. Now, it seems like a whole different ballgame. He and his best friend, Justin Ahrens, out of Versailles, surprised Thad Matta in his office at the end of the 2016 AAU season (?) and committed together. I wonder if Ahrens will decommitt as well.

Darius is one of those kids who professed loyalty to his home state school when he committed. It was great to see he and Ahrens set Matta up with their news. Now this. I’m being told Darius Bazley is getting a lot of attention from a number of schools now. He must be listening to whatever he is being told.

Let me add I completely support Bazley’s right, or any kid, to make his own choices as he sees fit. He has the potential to be an effective, entertaining complete matchup nightmare for opponents.


I’d rather Bazley stick with OSU if it means they don’t take one of our targets.


Mark Smith committed to Illinois last night but I don’t think that comes as a surprise to anyone.


Only to MSU fans.


Rough road back to Ohio State for Bazley, if he again chooses that avenue.



Worth noting that Blackmon also walked in graduation.