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That zone was ridiculous. How do you let Langford get wide open corner threes on consecutive trips? Let alone the multiple threes that followed. More interested to see UCLA vs. UNC as a measure for this UCLA team.

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I know Alford is one of the worst coaches on planet earth, but WTH is going on there?


He’s a bad coach and Izzo is a good coach. PAC 12 is soft and not super tactical compared to the Big 10. Much better Xs and Os, kids play harder and are tougher for MSU.

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Remember when Kevin Easley was such a highly regarded player as a FR - SOPH in HS in Indiana?

Had Michigan interest for awhile. He’s now a Frosh starter for today’s opponent Chattanooga.


Does Alford survive another mediocre year? It’s obvious that Lonzo Ball and TJ Leaf (and I guess his son) were the only reasons UCLA was good in 2016-17.

Virginia looks eerily like us. And Wisconsin has nothing except Happ against a quality opponent.

Interested to see how Winston matches up with Roach

MSU has to adjust to playing total opposite type of defense than UCLA offered up. I like this Texas team. If MSU wins this it will be a great win for them and the BIG

Winston usually struggles in these types of matchups. We’ll see if he has improved.

Who in the world thought these MSU uniforms were a good idea


Indiana down 15-6 to UC Davis early

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A pretty vintage MSU performance so far. Texas has been no match for them after the first 10 minutes of the game. It was some combination of an off game for UNC and Texas playing a level up during their game yesterday.

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MSU figured out how to guard Texas, Texas went cold and Langford was brilliant. Winston very good too

Best game of Langfords career.

Only in college basketball can you be down by 19, commit 24 turnovers and come back to win by double digits.

Shaka’s half court offense is very stagnated and predictable. Bizarre how slow his players swing the ball and how poorly they space the floor. It is a shame because they have a lot of very nice individual pieces. I feel depressed for his talented team.

My thoughts on the Big 12 and PAC 12 are similar in general. Teams in those conferences just “play” rather than work on halfcourt offenses and Xs and Os normally. Lots of talented individuals who can showcase themselves better than playing in the Big Ten normally. Lot more up tempo and higher scoring in those conferences as well as the Big East too. Less tactics.

Texas had no idea how to attack MSU in the second half. It was really pathetic. And on defense, they kept giving up open shots to Winston and Langford. MSU didn’t run anything sophisticated, just screens by the bigs out high,

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It’s a legit question. UCLA has been searching for a while but I never thought Alford was the answer. He’s always been a terrible coach. You could see his terribleness slowing dragging down his Iowa program from decent to mediocre to worse than that. UCLA still has crazy cache and resources. They could do a lot better than a guy who gets whipped on the X’s and O’s pretty much whenever it counts.

I also think Shaka is pretty terrible. His offenses are abominations. It’s done, it’s over, but it’s still annoying that Bamba went there and was predictably squandered.

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