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This seems like what they’ll try for right now.

I think he will see regular playing time over 20 minutes this year. They finally need him and don’t have other options. Between Ward+ Tillman playing 40 minutes at the five, that’s a really steady group. Will give them consistent scoring, rebounding down there.


Do you agree with the national take that MSU is a decent chunk better than Michigan right now?


How many minutes do you think Goins plays this year? How about Tillman and Ward together?

Yeah, I’ll think they’ll be fine at the 5 specifically, I guess it’s more the four that I’m curious about, and how they’re 4&5 rotation plays out.


MSU and UM are safe for a lot of the same reasons. 1) Everyone trusts their coaches 2) They were very good last season 3) They bring back guys people have heard of (Ward, Winston, Simpson, Matthews).

I don’t really see either team as head and shoulders above the rest of the Big Ten right now, but just about everyone picked one of those two teams to win it when Big Ten writers were surveyed.

Something like this seems like where they’ll start:

5: Ward 25, Tillman 15
4: Goins 20, Tillman 10, Ahrens 10?

I suspect that will be very matchup dependent. Down the line, you wonder if Bingham or Henry doesn’t end up factoring in there as well. Henry would make a lot of sense at the four if you are playing a team like Michigan that has four perimeter players.


That makes sense. That 4 spot still seems fairly blah to me, and that’s 15 minutes a game with Tillman and Goins (or Ahrens), which is solid but limited. And match-up stuff can work, but then you’re also in a situation where you might be depending on your B guys in crucial games and giving limited minutes to your best guys.

None of it is bad, but It puts a lot of pressure on the backcourt to be really, really good if they’re going to be conference contenders and a top 15 team.


5 different B10 exhibition games tonight. Interested in seeing Romeo for the first time


@ReegsShannon what game are we watching live?


I have Indiana on but I’m regretting after seeing the OSU-UM style courtside cam


They are not running a lot of action for Romeo, hmm


The camera has been fixed at least! Not running a lot of anything on offense.


Purdue is in a competitive game with Marian right now, hmmm.


Romeo did not look like a 1st team all B10 performer in that half. Very quiet. The backup PG Phinesee was Indiana’s primary playmaker


Evan Boudreaux wins the Memorial Matt Stainbrook YMCA player award


Are any of the games on TV?


Nope all BTN+


De’Ron Davis starts limping out of nowhere…might be an issue


Anyone know if you have to buy BTN+ before the game goes live to have access? Could I purchase it tomorrow and watch a replay?


BTN+ comes with all of the replays. So if you buy the $15 package in 2 weeks, you can go back and watch every Big Ten team play an exhibition game.

BTN also runs replays sometimes but I haven’t been able to figure out when/if the Michigan game is being replayed.

Also will hopefully have Five Key Plays on the site.


Yes, I believe you can. 1. Dylan’s comment from above. 2. I signed up yesterday. I watched the women’s game on BTN+ last night. I just went on BTN+ and was able to get the replay of the women’s game.


Pretty solid class for Sparty so far: Hall is 75th overall on 247, joining Rocket Watts