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Yeah we agree. If I was an NBA GM I would be downgrading Michigan prospects and upgrading prospects at schools that don’t do as good of a job of showcasing their skills, but that’s just me.


I’d agree on a case by case basis. It’s definitely fair to be skeptical of Michigan guys after the highest draft picks, Stauskas and Burke, struggled so much early in their careers.


Impressive stat!


At this point I really don’t think that’s gonna change under Beilein, but I couldn’t care less (especially after seeing what a non-season changing guy like Bowen was getting).


Regarding MSU, I think they have several guys with NBA potential. Marcus Bingham and Gabe Brown in particular standout. Those two if developed skill wise, have all the physical intangibles that make NBA scouts salivate. Size, Length, mobility, athleticism and shooting.

Ward will be in the NBA as well but he may never stick with a team or be used much. He’s a good throwback plan B old school big that teams may keep on a roster as a contingency plan in games.

Langford and Winston could and I think will be in the NBA at some point although I think both will probably be Two way/G League guys or overseas most likely.

Michigan I feel has quite a few guys that could be pros if developed. It rarely occurs that all the guys get developed properly at the same time. Coaches don’t have the time for each and every player. Even ones like Beilein. They get 1-2 or 3 at most in a year. One and dones don’t count because those are generally ready and don’t need a freshman year. Realistically I see Iggy, Matthews, Johns, Castleton and Poole as serious NBA potential guys. Livers has a shot too but I fear he’s the guy who’s development offensively won’t be at the level needed. Castleton has length and skill, just needs strength. Poole, Matthews and Iggy all have a lot of the tools and are legit NBA potential guys with a solid year from each. I hope all those guys make it.


I’ll say this - Beilein spends an inordinate amount of time focusing on shooting. Not every single guy has become a great shooter, but many of them have. You give him a guy like Gabe Brown, or a four like Bingham, and I feel like he’s got a much better chance of turning those guys into NBA level shooters than Izzo. But I’d agree I’m biased, too.


I mean. Haas is on an NBA roster in name only. He’s one of those guys who has been basically been told they’ll be cut by the end of training camp and has only been signed for G League rights. I believe D Walt is in the same spot.


Well of course. I said those guys have the tools to be nba guys, but need the skill and strength development. I was hinting at it and you filled it in lol. I’d have loved if Michigan could’ve landed Bingham and/or Brown, but I wouldn’t want them over the guys we got.


My two cents…and I agree with most takes. John has put 7 kids into the NBA that were not MACD all americans. Most of them had the skill and IQ but we can never underestimate the work ethic and desire of his recruits. He wants kids who want to get better…he says it all the time! You could argue that some recruits think they’re already good enough for the NBA, don’t need to work …they’ve been coddled and 5 starred since elementary school. Hard work and effort does not always beat talent…but 2 finals in six years is enough proof for me. No way you go into EL and beat 2 lottery picks without, team first and hard work second! Plus the best coach in the NCAA!


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Not me. Haven’t posted since Sept 25. I’ve been visiting the site but mostly concentrating on football lately. Right now I’m disappointed today’s game is delayed, but lightning is nothing to fool with! Hope they get it in and that we play well! Go Blue…basketball AND football!!!


UM success getting people into the NBA is based on three legs of a stool: 1) top notch talent evaluation regardless of ranking; 2) top notch player skill development toward implementing a system; 3) a system that approximates elements of the NBA.

When these three legs combine it forms the basis for what amounts to showcasing individual players for the NBA. There is no showcasing without #1, #2, and #3.


Just a suggestion…since this thread started almost two years ago, how about a reboot, and keeping future Big Ten threads limited to the current season? No reason to keep scrolling through topics from 2017.


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Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. Not sure why. And sometimes I want to get to somewhere in the middle. No biggie. But unless the same thread is going to go on for 10K comments or more, it would seem to make sense to start a fresh one at some point. Just a suggestion…why not start a new Big Ten Discussion thread every year, some time after the draft deadline? At that point, the tournament is over, recruiting is basically done, we know what impact players won’t be back, and any coaching changes have likely happened, so we know what we need to know to start speculating about the next season.


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