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Had no clue you could do that with Torvik, sorry about that. Quite a bit higher than I expected. I wonder who on Northwestern will be feeding him, I guess Isiah Brown will be their PG? He played less than 20% of minutes and had a higher turnover rate than assist rate both freshman and sophomore year. They don’t really have one coming in as a recruit either.


How common is it for over 50% of 2 point jumpers to be assisted? I guess he loves to drive by a closeout and then pull up?


Seems high. I don’t trust those numbers a ton because the difference between ‘layup’ and ‘jumper’ on PBP can seem to vary wildly (as can assist vs. non assist). I’d expect a guy like Josh Langford to have an inflated AST% on 2-point jumpers as well.

Stuff like this:



77.6%. Somehow 100% on 109 threes.


This is totally tangential but do you think Ken Pomeroy feels a little weird that Bart Torvik is doing a lot of the same things, but for free? I say this with no disdain toward Torvik as I spend a lot of time on his site during basketball season (I’m also a Pomeroy subscriber - $20 for a year is a steal).


So Langford took zero 3-pointers off the bounce this past season? That’s incredible. Also interesting that he only took 109 threes when he shot a higher percentage (40.4%) on them than the absurd amount of 2-point jumpers he took (172 @ 39%).


You say interesting, I say ridiculous.


Has JB ever recruited Loyer?

according to 247, his only other BIG offer is Purdue but I wonder if it was a committable offer.


Hey, there are only so many 3-pointers to go around and Bridges (193 @ 37%) was hogging them all!


Well, Bingham and Brooks are going to MSU, and he was hard after Johns too. So…maybe not.



I don’t know whether this data is available at the college level, but @umhoops, do you have data for the % of opponent shots taken at the rim when Moe was in the game? Thanks!



Interesting note in this article:

Ward’s Dad says that he will stay in the draft if a team tells him they will draft him. But, if he’s not going to get picked he will return to MSU.

Seems to shoot down Europe rumors, basically.


Indiana fans seem convinced that they’re going to get Langford after being convinced they weren’t going to last week. Seems like a total crap shoot, but if he does go to IU that really shakes up the Big Ten. Kansas being named in that report surely doesn’t help them.


I’m weirdly rooting for him to go to IU. I think the Big Ten needs a boost in the eyes of national perception and this would help. Also it would be interesting to see what Archie Miller can do with some talented pieces like Langford, Juwan Morgan and Hunter despite all the parts not fitting together perfectly (no point guard)


Looking through boards, it doesn’t seem like anyone has any inside info on this recruitment. Tight-lipped


Would’ve disagreed with you about a month ago, but the NBA departures from guys like Sanders, Carr, and potentially Fernando are just killing teams that could mover up a tier from last year. The big ten needs some oomph.


Jerry Meyer just put in a crystal ball for Romeo to IU