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brutal …

As funny as it is to call us a basketball school, it still hurts. I try to separate the two sports when it comes to this site, but wow was that a depressing game. I don’t think you can understate how big of a letdown that was.

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Am I missing something on Iowa? Haven’t watched them a ton, but no way they’re the third best team in the conference in my mind. Kenpom has them as the 8th best Big Ten team. Seems weird.

Beat two solid to good teams on national TV on a neutral floor when there weren’t that many other games.

Bigger joke is Maryland being ranked IMO.


At this point it’s probably easier just to list teams that haven’t lost than bother examining things too closely. Iowa does seem fairly deserving, though that might be a bit high.

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Iowa has looked pretty good imo. I’ve watched them 2 or 3 times. Haven’t seen Maryland. I personally think Purdue doesn’t look that good outside of Carsen Edwards. Wisconsin looks solid to me but are similar to Purdue. They go through Happ big time but got good players that play off him well and can go off if Happ is getting played through. I think Wisconsin’s player’s are better than Purdue’s outside the star player for each team.

Maryland’s played nobody yet. Marshall is solid, but they haven’t played anyone themselves. Their next game against Virginia and the two Big Ten games will be better measures of the team.

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I’m high on them. They have at least one big win. Cook, Moss, Garza, bohannon, weiskamp and Baer is pretty damn good imo. I might be missing one or two guys as well.

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How much longer are Marylands fans going to put up with Turgeon? That’s got to be as frustrating of a team to root for as our football team.

They have been a bit preoccupied with football scandals.

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Very true.

Man, just the way Roby moves he feels like a DJ Wilson clone. Mannerisms are so similar

Nebraska won a road game!!! :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:

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So the Big Ten might be legitimately really good. Now it’s time for Richard Pitino to make me immediately regret saying this

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He didn’t lol.

Yeah, Minnesota looked rough tonight.

Oregon loses to Kenpom #267 Texas Southern. I remain very unconvinced about Iowa, Oregon is their only top 50 win as of right now and I don’t see UConn jumping up there either.

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12-8 League Champion? Don’t know about that.

UM’s Beilein on Big Ten: ‘It’s going to be a monster’