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This is classic IU, lol.

The Big Ten is WIDE open this year IMO

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Did OG get hurt? Box score shows 0 points, 1 rebound and he hasn’t been on the floor since I flipped it on

Not sure. I started watching at about the ten minute mark and can’t remember seeing him or hearing anything. I don’t understand why Indiana doesn’t give it to Bryant every possession. Seems like they have him sit in a corner for most of their possessions

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Indiana is the only big ten team that has looked better than us so far, but after this?

Sheeeeeesh Indiana had so many chances to win that game. Ugly ugly possessions down the stretch. No clue why they didn’t go to Bryant more. IPFW’s offense literally could not score and had 2 key guys foul out in early OT.

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Fort Wayne has scored 12 points since I started watching about fifteen minutes of game time and they might beat Indiana?!?

I think og got benched for not playing hard. I think. He didn’t get hurt that I saw but was loafing around a bit.

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Down goes IU. They needed MSU’s clock keeper.


I don’t know. Wisky, Purdue and Indiana have all looked better in various games but all have looked worse as well. I still think those three are probably the top tier but this certainly looking like a wide open year. Michigan, osu, Iowa, msu, Maryland all could be in there. could a Minnesota come out of nowhere to compete?

IPFW played really well tonight, the whole game. They shot well, passed the ball well, drove to the basket, rebounded and played defense.

I am just wondering if Fort Wayne looked great or if Indiana might be overrated. #3? Man, Blackmon and Bryant do not look explosive at all. Bryant is relying on offensive foul hammering, pushing off, and hooking to get anything done.

In the second half, Bryant looked like a drunk 45 year old playing basketball in the park in the dark.

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I only saw the last fifteen minutes but other than rebounding well and not turning it over, I wouldn’t say they played well. They barely scored at all since that point (which is apparently about the point iu went zone) and rarely even threatened to score. They basically just played the clock and won largely bc of iu issues.

Edit: they did defend very well. But I would question iu’s offensive plan just as much as credit Fort Wayne.

Fort Wayne looked good prior to IU going zone. Fort Wayne displayed good defense, good ball handling and very crisp passing.

IU has similar problems to us in that they don’t have any creators/ballhandlers. Need to depend on their offensive scheme to get them points. Don’t have Yogi to bail them out in bad situations.

BLackmon sure does not look like a creator.

He had a few big turnovers in big moments.

If we come out and put a whooping on South Carolina, I can’t see why anyone could say another looks better. Purdue has lost and almost has another one to a “buy game” team. Who said Fort Wayne shot well? 41% from the field and 58% on free throws. That is not good.

…I’m going to see how the next couple of weeks goes before I pass judgement on the rest of the B10 and especially before I start talking confidentially about where Michigan belongs. November is a hell of a long way from March my friends.

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Even better the upset was lead by former Boilermaker Bryson Scott. haha!