Big Ten Basketball 2020-21 Discussion (Part 1)

Lander reclassified from 21 to 20 and they took a midseason transfer from Tennessee-Martin. Plus only one senior in Al Durham

It’s def circulating. I have no idea how probable but it’s def out there from real sources.

Circulating where?

From what? Who are the sources? If the entire AD is shutting down that would seem to be something much larger than the Purdue incident, no?

At least one of the pay sites.

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the thing with only looking at raw efficiency margins in conference play is they can mask some fairly significant SOS differences so far. If you take Torvik’s adjusted efficiency margins for only conference play it looks like this…

Michigan +33
Iowa +29
OSU +25
Illinois +24
Minnesota +18
Wisconsin +18
Purdue +17
Indiana +16

Illinois’s #2 raw margin in conference play masks an easier schedule than someone like Iowa.

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Iowa and Illinois are 10th and 11th in KP Conf SOS. I’m not sure there’s a huge difference.

The difference is that adjusting for schedule makes OSU and Illinois indistinguishable from each other instead of being in separate tiers.

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We have an Archie Miller correctly wearing his mask sighting!!

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Big Shot Baker with a really nice 1st half against Archie & the Airballs. Without Michigan to fixate upon, it’s pretty much the Geo Show and precious little else.

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Penn State will now play at Ohio State on January 27th.

Indiana really harnessing that Iowa victory momentum.

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Had a feeling this was going to happen. This basically sums up Archie’s tenure…one step forward 2 steps back.

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GEO had to let the freshman know about it :rofl:

In all seriousness: throw out trash talking techs.


Lander with the ANSWER

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Is this going to be Lander’s coming out party? He is playing with some confidence right now

Geo completely swung the momentum back

I am a little tired of all the techs this year though

Lander and Geo Baker colluding to revitalize each others’ offensive games.

Good one coming down the stretch on BTN