Big Ten Basketball 2019-20 Discussion

I want an 8 seed and I want MSU as the 1 and I wanna beat them. Bring it

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Very impressed with Ohio State. They lost a big piece in Carton and haven’t missed a beat. Young missed a few games down the stretch and they won them all although I like their small ball lineup better. I think they should bring Young off the bench when he comes back.

Based on the efficiency numbers, MSU is far and away the best team in the conference. They probably should have won the title outright and still could but I wouldn’t have predicted they would lose 6 conf games. I think they are going to be a very tough out in March though.


I appreciate this sentiment, though I’d rather beat them on Sunday.


If Osu had carton they could be really dangerous. Still might be but with him they were contenders. Tough break for them

Sorry if this has been covered, but can someone explain the scenarios for who will get the 1 seed in the BTT?

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Davonte Green vs Wisconsin early. Who cools down first.

Brad Davison misses two at the line. Isn’t he a 90% FT shooter?

Need Wisconsin to win this one

Of course they’re doing a poor job of defending the three line this game.

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Why do we need Wisconsin to win?

A. So MSU doesn’t have a chance to be solo Big Ten Champs.

B. So Wisconsin gets the 1 seed and they are our second round opponent in the BTT, not MSU.

The announcers love fest for Brad Davison is disgusting.

And Wisconsin needs to grab a damn rebound.

Yup, what @adamsmit86 said. If Wisconsin loses it becomes very likely that we’d have to get through MSU in the second round of the BTT.

Whether Wisconsin wins or loses (looks like they’re gonna lose ugh), it’s definitely in our best interest to lose to Maryland if we want to avoid MSU. However, if you don’t care about whether we play MSU you should definitely still cheer for our team lol

Why does everyone want to avoid Michigan State?


I mean they are the best team in the conference. If you enjoy the rivalry and would like another shot at beating them then I get wanting to play them.

However, in terms of maximizing BTT title chances, I’d rather go through Wisconsin/Maryland (the former is inferior and the latter is not playing well), and have another team try to beat MSU.


Because MSU is by far the best team in the conference I’d say. And do you really want to play Cassius Winston again? Or Xavier Tillman? Tillman is a terrible matchup for Teske.

Less Izzo.

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You’ve been chirping all year that they are by far the best team in the conference. Therefore, in a tournament setting you want to avoid the best teams as long as possible and maybe someone else will take them out along the way.