Big Ten Basketball 2019-20 Discussion

Winston is a very clever player. He is not a speedster, he knows how to create spacing using his hands, and how to sell contact to go to the foul line. He is a great college player, but I would be surprised if his game translates well to the pros. But then again, I was wrong about Harden. The difference is that Harden has size and Winston might have problems running away from quicker guards.

If Maryland, MSU and Wisconsin win out, I think Wisconsin would be the 1 seed, right?

Correct. Wisconsin @ Indiana on Saturday likely decides if we would play MSU or Wisconsin on Friday should we advance.

Interesting. I didn’t bother digging into tiebreakers. I just noticed that MSU is the most probable 1 seed and Michigan is the most probable 8/9 seed based on those percentages.

I would be happy to face Wisconsin. A potential Rutgers/Purdue, Wisconsin, Iowa/Illinois path to Sunday seems pretty ideal. Especially for a 8/9 seed.


That would definitely be my preferred path. Avoid MSU and have a chance at a couple revenge games along the way.

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Pretty shocked at the lack of Purdue in many brackets. The overall record isn’t good but most the other stuff is better than the majority of bubble teams.

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The raw number of losses is just so high that it’s tough to see them getting in. But…beat Rutgers on the weekend, then beat us next week, and you’d think they’d be in.


Equally shocking to me is that some are stating that Rutgers won’t make the tournament unless they beat Purdue and/or beat the first opponent in the BTT. I realize the lack of road wins, but the home wins are pretty impressive. (shrug) That’s why they don’t pay me to guess.

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Both Purdue and Rutgers are pushing the limits as far as number of losses (Purdue) or number of road/neutral wins (Rutgers).

What a doubleheader on a Saturday.Wisconsin-Indiana at noon and then Rutgers-Purdue at 2 pm. Putting the local pizza joint on speed dial.


Rutgers and Purdue are a good test case on how much the selection committee really values the net rankings.

I think Garza is going to find himself in some foul trouble once he gets away from the B1G.


I usually find stuff like this mean, and this is really mean, but I just can’t stop laughing…


I don’t see any chance Langford plays at MSU next year.

I’ve also come to believe the others here who said Tillman will go pro. I’ve paid more attention to him recently and his defense is fantastic. He’ll get taken late in the 1st round.

What do you think Foster’s faceplants per 40 minutes is? Gotta be top 10 nationally.

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Who do we want to win this OSU/Illinois game with respect to our 6 or 7 seed chances?

Refs are completely slanting this game in OSU’s favor.

ej Lidell is developing into something, loved him as a prospect