Big Ten announces 2019-20 conference schedule

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They only play home games against Indiana, Penn State and Wisconsin with road trips to Maryland, Minnesota and Northwestern.

Missing Kohl’s Center and Assembly Hall is pretty great. Empty Penn State Arena honestly might be a good place to miss too judging by recent performances.


Schedule looks fairly balanced. No real gauntlet of games that I can really see. Our toughest four game stretch is @MSU, Purdue, @Minnesota and @Iowa in early January IMO


I agree with you there but the 7 game stretch from Iowa St thru Oregon is absolutely brutal. But you deal with what you have to deal with.

I like the timing and spacing for the MSU games. If they play in the BTT, it will be three games all separated by a month. Last they played 3 times within a month.

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Friday 1/31: Fly to NYC
Saturday 2/1: Play Rutgers, Fly back to Michigan
Sunday 2/2: Rutgers film, practice
Monday 2/3: Ohio State film, Practice
Tuesday 2/4: Rivalry game
Saturday 2/8: Rivalry game

Yup, would wayyyyyy rather be prepping for that week without two winter flights and my team sleeping in their own beds. Substantial disadvantage for two huge games and a third “can’t take a bad loss” game

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Has anyone said they wouldn’t rather play a home game?

Yes, a common theme on this board and elsewhere was, “love this, will give exposure to an otherwise invisible game”

One poster here also called it a, “great strategic decision”

I think the point from the other thread was that it wasn’t really a “strategic decision” in any regard because it is a Big Ten thing.

Wrote about it here as well:

Yes, but moving beyond whether it’s in or out of Michigan’s control, it’s still a tremendous disadvantage, and I think seeing it in the context of the schedule very clearly illustrates that