Big Ten-ACC Challenge Open Thread

Maryland-UNC is some high level point guard play, especially on offense. This crossover is filthy.

Nebraska and Miami going to overitme on ESPNU. Big time shot by freshman PG Glynn Watson to send the game to OT.

What I don’t understand is, what kind of ball screen defense is that? Why is the unc center staying glued to the Maryland center forty feet from the basket? At least give a small hedge. That said, absolutely sick play by Trimble. This game is a great watch.

Big Ten went 3-3 last night with wins from:

Losses from:

Monday saw:
Rutgers lose
Minnesota win

6 Match ups today don’t look good. I expect victory from MSU and Iowa only. Need Illini to beat ND. I see no hope for Wisconsin and Indiana. Maybe Penn St can knock off BC.

Louisville at MSU
Wisconsin at Syracuse
Penn St at Boston College
Indiana at Duke
Norte Dame at Illinois
Florida St. at Iowa

I agree on MSU, Wisconsin, and Iowa for sure. Indiana would normally be a team I think could beat anyone on a given night if Yogi’s on, but it is at Cameron, so not likely.

I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Illinois and PSU come through for us. At the very least, a tie this year would be better than experts predicted going in.

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Seems like Purdue, MSU and Maryland are emerging as the top tier of the Big Ten. Iowa maybe next then maybe Michigan and Indiana with defensive woes? What are you guys thinking thus far?

Is it bad that I’m excited to see Crean complain in Cameron Indoor? I just hope they get pounded.

Some good action in the early set of games tonight. One possession game for both wisky and state.

Wow. Louisvilles matchup 2-3 is terrible. reminds me of michigans 1-3-1 of recent vintage so many wide open threes and layups

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Exactly what I was just telling someone… Giving up wide open threes and lobs over the top that are basically unguarded. Brutal.

Louisville obviously has some talent, but man not making smart decisions here. Fouled early when they could have defended, fouled late when they needed to foul.

Yea lots of mental errors down the stretch there for lville

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Wisconsin looking like they are gonna get a huge win. This Ethan happ guy looks like a player.

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Big wins for MSU, Wisconsin and Penn State.

Duke/IU, Ill/ND and FSU/Iowa up next. Iowa seems like the best chance for THE BIG TEN to win the challenge.

The left handed bounce pass for a dunk by Showalter to the guy who inbounded the ball was beautiful in design and execution.
Wiscky going to knock off Syracuse

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You’re right, Michigan is the Big Ten in my eyes

Haha. Whoops, fixed.

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Harbaugh at the IU game!

Hard to be excited when he is supporting an azzhat, family or not.

I believe that Melo Trimble and Denzel Valentine are on another level so far. Those two are the real contenders for B1G player of the year. After that maybe Hayes, LeVert, Hammonds, and Yogi Ferrell might try to fight for a spot. I just love watching Melo Trimble the kid is an absolute talent with a bright future.