Big Ten-ACC Challenge Open Thread

Looks like it’s up to Iowa to get it done. Indiana getting blown out and Illinois down twelve late (make that nine).

What an awful final possession by Iowa.

Yep. That was ugly. It’s ot for the challenge victory

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Tough foul call on Giselle. Looked like the fsu player was slipping before any contact was made

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Huge three by jok and fsu turns it over. Iowa can win the challenge at the line

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Huge shot by Peter Jok. He’s looked very good in the parts of this game that I’ve watched. Career high 24 points.

LOL. Woodbury almost fouled for the four point play.

Omg. Could have been an and 1 on that miraculous three. On replay good job not calling a foul on the contact

Great job by Iowa on the inbounds. Bet Leonard Hamilton is regretting the decision the bring in that guy who hasn’t played as he was completely lost after the pass out of bounds. Ah more time coming so not as big a deal

Fsu player misses from beyond half court to tie it at the buzzer and the big ten wins! Great job by Iowa at the line down the stretch.

I think we all knew the big ten has some good teams at the top but there may be some decent depth in the middle. Might be very little separation between the 4-14.

Indiana’s defense… yikes.

On the bright side, it’s got to be good for football recruiting to see him randomly pop up on TV, kind of like the Ravens game he was at. The more exposure the better, in my opinion.