Beilein needs to recruit like Matta, they said

Ohio St. could up up going under .500 in OOC play.

I agree that they appear to suck severely. However, let’s wait and see if we beat them in Columbus. In the off-chance that OSU wins and out-rebounds Michigan 3 to 1, “they” might have a point.

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And that’s more than likely where we would be if we played that schedule.

Has Ohio State played a tough schedule? To this point… KenPom ranks Big Ten SOS like this:

  1. Iowa
  2. Illinois
  3. Wisconsin
  4. Maryland
  5. Michigan
  6. Minnesota
  7. Ohio State
  8. Penn State
  9. Purdue
  10. Indiana
  11. Michigan State
  12. Nebraska
  13. Northwestern
  14. Rutgers

Obviously Michigan will drop a little over the next couple weeks and OSU should get a bump from the UK game, but they haven’t exactly lost to world beaters. Memphis, UT Arlington and LA Tech at home or neutral sites are games that Michigan would probably win.


Ohio state hasn’t played an overally difficult schedule.

When you look at it though, who on it can you say Michigan would safely beat? We would more than likely be right where OSU is right now if we played their schedule.

UTA and LaTech are both better basketball teams than us at the moment.

Like Windsor said, let’s beat someone worth beating before throwing stones.

Michigan has beaten two top-100 teams (road and neutral), it has better wins that OSU by a long shot and no bad losses. OSU appears to be a bad team this year, not sure that’s a surprise or what it proves though. Were people expecting them to be good after losing DRuss and the senior guards?

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Ohio state is awful. I agree. I also think Michigan is a better team but only marginally better. As you know, I’m not very high on Michigan this year.

I think the OSU game this year will be a dog fight in Columbus. OSU struggles scoring and Michigan struggles defending. It’ll be intriguing to say the least.

So a one game sample size is more important than the entire season? 2013/2014 Charlotte must have had a better team than Michigan .

Lol. You are something else. In what world would Michigan be guaranteed to lose to BOTH UT-Arlington and Louisiana Tech?

UT-Arlington: Lost to a Texas team we beat and to Louisiana Tech
LaTech: Best win is Ohio St. or UT-Arlington. Neither is more impressive than beating Texas. Also got blown out by 26 points to Memphis and no way is Memphis on UConn/SMU/Xavier level.

Michigan has a better resume than both teams and that isn’t really debatable. Saying that both of those teams are better than Michigan as if it’s a fact is silly and not supported by any facts.

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Ya, but Louisiana Tech and UT-Arlington are better than Michigan (based on nothing).

Kinda funny how Beilein and Matta are polar opposites. Not just personality, but Matta can recruit amazingly but can’t coach, while Beilein is a great coach who can’t recruit.


Now you are just trolling. At this point, there’s absolutely no reason to be smug about OSU’s weak start when Michigan has gotten pummelled by every tournament-quality opponent they’ve played. I think Michigan can and should beat OSU, but if an exceptionally young OSU squad ends up exposing M’s lack of rebounding and defensive toughness, then there’s no reason to believe we are currently out-recruiting them. As a related aside, I would trade both incoming bigs for Funderburk next year.

No, I’m not. I don’t think that Michigan losing one game to Ohio St. means that Ohio St. has the better roster. I value larger sample sizes than 1 game.

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Not to make excuses for OSU, but they are very young. Normally Michigan fans are very quick to cry “youth!” whenever we lose but in this instance OSU will be the much less experienced team.

Plus when they get Funderburk and (quite possibly) Kobi Simmons, they WILL have a better roster unless something major changes.

Simply put, recruiting at Michigan has not been good since 2013. Matta is a bad game coach, a poor developer of talent, and a much less pleasant human being than John Beilein, but like a couple dozen other college coaches he is objectively out-recruiting us right now.

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Okay, I’m fine with that take.

We need more GLIAC level players like Eric Davis.

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Haha. I’ve already admitted my take on him was wrong. The kid is turning out to be quite the player. Good for him.

You still haven’t answered my question about Bridges though. Was my take on him right when he was only a sophomore with a providence offer? :wink:

Bridges is a bad man. There is a reason schools had to be late to the party on that one. He was a top 40 kid that didn’t have the offers to match. Beilein is not going to get a kid like that often though.

The guys that Beilein is usually spotting early are the Edmond Sumners of the world. He pledged to Xavier as a 6 ft kid with a so so handle and decent athleticism. He grew into a freak. Not that kids that are about to exlpode are easy to spot, but Beilein is usually good at it.

Just busting your chops on Davis. Being in Michigan, I saw him a lot and always liked the kid. I wish we recruited him harder. We could have had him if he was recruited more vigorously. I never heard what Beilein didn’t like about him. I am guessing it was that he was a short combo. Kid is a dawg though. The roster needs more of those.

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You’re exactly right about Davis Matt. That kid has dawg in him and we lack that trait throughout our roster.

Matta isn’t the coach JB is. The recruiting argument works because the two years JB had NBA talent Michigan went the a Final four and Elite 8.

Combine elite talent with a coach like Beilein and you will get results. Beilein dosent land talent consistently enough to win big consistently.

Why is this subject so hard to comprehend?

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