Beilein lingo and transfers


There have been articles from time to time that talk about Beilein’s weird terminology. Can’t recall the specific terms, but it could be a reason why Simmons is slow to pick up the offense.


Saw one recently mentioning "donut " and “waffle” pivots. Very odd


This is definitely a part of it. Every cut and pivot and read has a different name and it has certainly taken some guys longer than others to figure it out. We’ve obviously seen freshmen contribute as well, so it isn’t impossible to figure out.


It’s been the same for years. Some guys flat out never figure it out and then leave.


I wonder if Simmons just has more to UNlearn than a guy like Brooks, after having played 35 minutes a game for the last two years in charge of a different college offense.


Seems if the lingo is to difficult to grasp you might want to modify it to promote team understanding-performance.

If a fifth year college student can’t readily absorb language nuance pertaining to basketball sets, it would seem to be limiting to your teams ceiling.

Almost all players perform better when just playing instead of consistently thinking to much.


Are you saying Beilein’s been holding his offense back through the years by making it difficult to learn? Seems to me the ceiling’s been very high with his approach even if some players have trouble picking it up quickly.


Seems like his offense has worked out pretty well…


Not for Simmons.


Well, if it’s not working out perfectly for Simmons after three games, JB should probably revamp his offense even though it’s finished in the top 4 in kenpom 3 of the last five years…


Every newcomer has a steep learning curve, it’s as simple as that. On top of that, playing point guard makes it that much harder.


FWIW, Beilein recently highlighted D as the reason Simmons isn’t playing as much as we might have expected. Simpson is a little ahead of him in understanding the offense but it’s not like Simmons is completely clueless and stuck on the bench.


Maybe that’s more of a statement about the player’s upside in a power conference setting than it is about the system?

Beilein has his flaws as a coach, but running an offense is not one of them.

It’s more fair to question his roster management and decision to wait until last season to bring in Walton’s replacement at PG … but even then Morris, Burke, Walton were all able to play more prominent roles as a FR make a big SO year jump, so I can see where he had the comfort level to believe future PGs could do the same.


I don’t think anybody sensible can question the decision to bring in a PG replacement a year before they’re needed. I’d say it’s far more questionable to put yourself in a position of depending on a true freshman as your starter. Nevertheless, Beilein has done that three times, and it’s worked out fine every time. Bringing in someone more than a year ahead of time is even more problematic, though. You will not find many quality PGs who will come in knowing they will have to wait to their junior year to get significant minutes.


Like David DeJulius signing in the Class of ‘18 to back up for 2 seasons? (Or 3 of Brooks emerges as a starting PG)


What an asinine comment. Jb’s offense is consistently an efficiency juggernaut. But sure, modify a winning formula for a 5th year MAC transfer who hasn’t mastered the offense yet a mere three games into the season.


If you asked DeJulius, I doubt he’d tell you that his plan in coming here was to sit behind other people for 2-3 years, waiting patiently for his turn to start. He know’s he’ll have to compete for the job, but you can bet he’ll be be fighting for it from Day 1. And frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of Simpson, Brooks or DeJulius didn’t finish out there careers here. There just aren’t enough minutes to keep three quality point guards happy.


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