Beilein lingo and transfers


LOL, not sure why he went with the name drop here. Apparently we need to clarify the term Patreon.


Was that you that he was responding to?


Wow. Amazing. Remember this folks… JB may read your commentary too (along with the excellent content from Dylan and co.)


That smirk :smirk:


I was pretty sure MattD was Beilein.


No it was not.


I thought that his comments in the DetNews piece yesterday seemed like a direct answer to posters here.


Defense is why people play?

We’ve got two starters getting 30+ minutes a game that can’t guard their shadow.

Our “best” defensive unit came up with a 19 point offensive second half scoring explosion against OSU.


And gave up 41 second half points. So yea, I’m not buying that answer.


Apparently he makes a distinction between those who know how to play D, but can’t, and those who just don’t know.