Beilein AZ Candidate

Maybe the Mrs likes the idea of mild winters?


That’s making a commitment to integrity that AZ is gonna have to think long and hard about!


Looking at AZ’s hot board… he’s so far down the list that it looks like they just listed people who aren’t coaching at blue bloods right now around that point. So not happening.

I’m thinking that JB’s head coach days are over


247 really just put out and article saying Beilein is a candidate… according to the massive list of candidates the Arizona 247 board threw together. Right.

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It will be tommy Lloyd or Damon stoudemire, that’s the consensus in az circles


Had to look up how Stoudemire has done coaching Pacific - good year two years ago (23-10), .500 this year (9-9 and a lot of COVID cancellations) and nothing exciting previously.

Like every sport, everyone loves to mimic the hot trend (former players coming back to coach).


It is pretty funny that “former player at the school” has become like the #1 desired quality for this carousel. I don’t hate it because I think those guys, speaking specifically to former black players, need to get those chances more often. I just hope they’re successful.

At the same time does it seem like guys are less content to try to move up that final rung on the coaching ladder to a top 10-15 job? Or is it too early to say something like that?


FWIW Pacific was an absolute pit when he took over. Both the previous coach and his interim replacement were fired for NCAA violations and Stoudamire inherited a bunch of sanctions. Plus it’s in Stockton for God’s sake.

Having said that he has stabilized the program but not really accelerated it anywhere.

So Michigan vs. Beilein’s Arizona team in Las Vegas this November sounds like fun…


If JB is the AZ coach and Eli is back, Juwan can use Eli, BJJ, and Nunez for insight in his offense for defensive preparation.

That being said, I don’t see JB being a legit candidate but I could be wrong

Quite surprising that the carousel is slowing and JB didn’t find a landing spot. Arizona could be an option sure but it would be a seismic change for both parties. I’m just not sure the fit makes sense on either end.

This is kind of off topic but I have no idea where to post this. I was looking up MBB history and read up on Bill Frieder and him leaving to ASU. I’ve always known what happened next obviously and the manner with which he departed.

But uh…apparently he was a Michigan alum and played here? LOL Anyone have any insight on what this guy was thinking? Was ASU surging or something, did they offer him, like, 3x the money? Just a stupefying move to someone who wasn’t alive back then. He had such a talented team, why the bejeezus would he do that…

There’s a good video on YouTube about the 89 team and why Frieder left. Check it out.

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the weirdest part is that he totally sucked at ASU


From what I remember Bo Schembechler (spelling) was the AD at that time and there was friction. In those days the very thought of basketball getting any support similar to football would be blasphamous. Think he left for what then would be a big contract. Money that would not be available at Mich. When it was announced he would be taking the A&M job before the tournament Bo gave the a Mich Man will be coaching Mich edict.

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Others can chime in more, but I’d say that Bill was a bit, um, loose with NCAA rules and other matters of discipline, and that was more so his friction with Bo than athletic department support for the basketball program. Or at least on par.


Best thing about Frieder was the next day after a game, in the sports section of The Ann Arbor News, there would be a graphic called The Frieder Meter where he would rate the crowd’s energy level at Crisler.


Eh, he made a Sweet 16 there, which is the pinnacle for the program since the early '80s, I believe. Even James Harden didn’t get there.

Looked it up…actually their first Sweet 16 since the early '70s.


Frieder thought he was unappreciated and was offered far better money. Plus, Arizona put him closer to Vegas where he already liked to spend alot of time until he was banned from many casinos for being a card-counting genius.


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