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Bring back the Frieder Meter!


seems more like he is happy with life and not looking to coach for the sake of coaching

Howard Powered


The Juwan Baton?


way better. I am sold

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Another fun Freider fact. He was allegedly a high level card counter and had been banned from some casinos.

Which to me is kinda lame. “I’m sorry sir but you are not allowed in because you are…too good.”


Yes, Frieder was a card counter and left the impression that he was some type of Math Genius.

However, the Math Genius is pure legend. I had an Engineering Buddy who I played golf with for years, that went to high school with Frieder and said Frieder had to cheat of him to pass math classes in high school. And I certainly didn’t think my buddy was any genius either.

Freider was a hard working recruiter and self promoter. However, Bo Schembechler wasn’t buying.

Yeah, being able to do basic card-counting doesn’t require much math. Just the ability to process the deal quickly. You just increment and decrement a count in your head, ha

You mean Bay Harbor by Petoskey doesn’t have mild winters? Their summer home. Ha!

They liked Lute Olson. He had integrity.

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