Basketball on Peacock?!

Be we are all anxious for Peacock basketball after seeing how well it’s going with football

How well is it going?

Been fine for me.

I’m a fan. Haven’t had any problems.

Picture quality looks very good to me. Yes, there will be a lot of Big Ten hoops inventory on Peacock.

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I am finding it difficult to fast forward tho


Picture quality IS very good. Streaming interrupted once a I missed about 60 seconds of action. Others are having bigger (more frequent) problems

I haven’t had an issue (via Roku.) haven’t rewound or fast forwarded tho.

Aside from some brief audio problems in the first half, it’s been fine.

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It’s been fine for me, too. I don’t have any reservations about it for basketball

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I’ve had picture quality fade in and out through the game. I assume buffering but it is definitely worse during live action than commercials, so maybe not?

I’m running it thru the TV for convenience. Is this something that would be improved if I ran it thru the AppleTV?

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Appletv would definitely help. It’s processors are way better than what you find in smarttvs


It’s easier to turnaround a basketball program than a football one. What’s considered the best turnaround ever in college hoops?

Primetime has the worst P5 football team looking like a bowl team after one game.

If CU goes 6-6 this year, Deion is going to destroy the portal next year. And if he does, CU could be faves in the weakened B12 and ticketed for expanded CFP. Long way to go but today makes you willing to project. Wow.

I actually wasn’t able to see it on Peacock. :cry: But that’s because I was at the game! :wink: :grin:


classic ernie rope-a-dope post!


@umhoops just curious, but do you watch and follow the football team at all? I find myself getting excited football season is starting since it means Michigan hoops is that much closer lol

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Oh yeah, I don’t follow college football that closely overall, but I watch every Michigan game and am I casual fan in that sense.


WT… Peacock is playing Unskippable commercials on the replay???

They want you to buy the ad free subscription.