Austin Davis invited back for graduate year

“However, prior to Tuesday’s (March 3) practice here, Wolverine head coach Juwan Howard invited Davis back for 2020-21 as a fifth-year senior. The framed jersey he was to receive at Thursday night’s home finale with Nebraska will need to be stored for another year.”

Not sure the right thread, but Austin will be returning.


Wow, that decision seems premature. Who knows how many scholarships they will be over. Juwan must already have an idea about which players are transferring. Let the speculation begin.


Assuming Jace walks on, only one over. Wouldn’t be surprising if someone has already intimated he’s interested in transferring

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Yup that’s what I’m assuming happened too. Juwan must have already been told by someone that they are transferring. But even still, what about the long shot that Brown and JC both want to come? Seems like you don’t need to make the call right now and can let this all sort out in April.

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Wow, I agree that I’m pretty surprised with the timing of the news. I can’t say I’m surprised with the news itself, but it does open up a lot more questions since that scholarship was the easiest to shed.

Assuming we don’t lose anyone to the NBA, Jace is on scholarship, and Josh Christopher comes to Michigan (I know I know big assumptions,) it’s probably looking like 2/3 of Nunez, Bajema, and Castleton transferring out is the most likely option?

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Wait are we thinking Jace walks on now? For some reason I thought that most recently the thought was he’d be on scholarship.

I would assume with the way Castleton has fallen out of the rotation in conjunction with this news would intimate that there has been conversation with CC about transferring.


Obviously the correct decision

Yeah, that would kind of be disappointing to me if Castleton transferred. I personally prefer his upside vs a 5th year from a maxed out player with limitations… especially with Dickinson coming in. That would be two slow footed centers that can’t defend on the perimeter. Sure, Todd and Johns are options as small ball 5s, but I would rather have Castleton’s length, especially if he puts on a few pounds in the offseason


I’d rather have a decent player instead of the cluster that Castleton is

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The cluster that won us the game @Rutgers :thinking:


My thinking (and possibly Juwan’s) is that Davis is a guy that everyone on the team likes. He’s big for team morale and a good guy for all the younger guys coming in to have around.

On top of that he’s only on scholarship for one more year whereas Castleton would be for two more years. While there might be a higher ceiling for Castleton he’s never going to be a starter in Juwan’s system and the highest ceiling overall might include using that scholarship for 2021.


Here you go again. How does Castleton compare to Davis’s sophomore year? It’s amazing that you still haven’t grasped the concept of improvement over time. Davis provided absolutely nothing until halfway through his 4th year. And lately he’s come back down to earth a little more as he’s been struggling to defend. Seems easy to think Castleton could contribute something meaningful before halfway into his 4th season. And Castleton would definitely be better equipped to defend perimeter 5s, which could be a major need next year with Teske leaving and lumbering Dickinson replacing him.


Definitely surprising to hear this already. I personally hope Davis gets little to no PT next year (although that may be out the window now. Johns/Todd at the 5 please!), but that’s a topic for another day.

What I think this tells us is a couple things: 1. Someone has probably said they are transferring. 2. Greg Brown ain’t coming. Texas is playing well now and may have saved Shaka’s job. Plus Memphis is out there still.

I’ve said before that I don’t see how Castleton and Davis are both on the team next year. Unfortunately this news is most likely the death knell for Colin’s time here. I am abjectly terrified of our defense next year with Davis and Dickinson as our Cs.


I’d be surprised if the defense didn’t take a pretty big step back if Davis and Dickinson are playing the large majority of minutes at Center.


I think it has to do more with roster configuration - with Davis being more of a traditional big and CC being kind of a tweener. With Johns and Todd on the team they would be more of a I think CC becomes the odd man out - two traditional bigs (Dickinson and Davis) and two small ball 5s (Johns and Todd). CC just never really physically developed like I thought he might. Still agree that his ceiling is higher than Davis, just think it comes down to overlapping skills.


I just don’t see him as a tweener whatsoever. The kid is practically 7 feet tall. He’s a C all the way.


He’s a tweener between a 4 and 5 - he’s tall, but I wouldn’t say strong or aggressive. He’d be bullied by good Big 10 bigs (like Oturu, etc.).

Having said that, could he be stronger next year, sure…

The kid is a sophomore. He came in as a beanpole and has had one real offseason to build strength. It’s so weird to me how many people think CC is a finished product when we have had other guys in the program recently who took time to develop. DJ literally provided nothing until his 3rd year. The guy some are clamoring for in AD provided nothing until his 4th year. Brooks struggled until year 3. Some guys, especially when strength is an issue, just take more time than others. CC’s biggest limitation is getting pushed around inside. If he adds 15-20 lbs this offseason, suddenly that’s not such a big issue and his skill set could shine.


Haven’t read any other comments, but, as for me, I’m very pleased for AD. He has earned this. I am as happy with and proud of Juwan as I could be, too. He truly understands the value of teamwork, hard work, and loyalty to a program. Beat Nebraska! Go Blue!!!

EDIT: Still haven’t read other comments on the thread but I will, just too busy this afternoon, but let me just say, I also think AD will be a valuable member of the team for the following reasons. 1. He’ll be a senior leader. He’ll be able to help young freshman post players, especially Hunter Dickinson, learn what he’ll need to do to be a successful five man in Coach Howard’s offense and defense. He will do this selflessly. Along these lines he, along with Eli and Isaiah, hopefully, will provide senior leadership to some talented young 18 year old freshmen. This is invaluable to a team.
2. Depending on the talent ahead of him he may be able to get 8-10 minutes a game in a rotational role. He has certainly proven that he can score around the basket with great balance, pivoting, and poise in scoring down low. And his work ethic is exceptional. 3. Along with the general notion of being a senior leader, and the wisdom and maturity he will display in that role, he will be great in the locker room and in guiding the younger players to understand their responsibilities as Michigan Wolverine Basketball players in all aspects of what that means. He is a PROGRAM guy!