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I love this idea. we’ve surrounded harbaugh with support staff and used it as a way to elevate guys in coaching ranks.

with a lower head coach salary and less experience it seems like a no brainer. i know some said here tim miles wouldn’t be able to coach as nebraska owes him 2 mill (and that would be negated) but wonder if he was a “chief of staff”/advisor if that language still applies

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Miles’ buyout would be reduced, not negated. Typical now is to deduct $1 of the buyout for every $2 of salary. Schools want coaches they fire to take another job when they have a buyout. They may even renegotiate the details. A prominent coach just did that before taking a new job, his name escapes me.


Sanderson stays


Long offseason still ahead


True, but in terms of checking off boxes, that’s a really good one to be able to check off.


This is good news.
Not sure what to think of this tweet though

Mike Miller has been a huge part of Penny Hardaway’s recruiting success at Memphis, FWIW.

Fernando looks like more of a film/ops guy.


There’s another Mike Miller with HC experience in college. He’s a HC in the G-League now.

So which Mike Miller is that twitter referring too? The Miller at Memphis would be a home run pickup for recruiting. I’m struggling to see that one though.

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Mike Miller is the best recruiting assistant in the country right now. Would be surprised if he left Memphis though.

If it’s THAT Mike Miller…

The other Mike Miller sounds good to me too

I see a prospective coaching staff post in Dylan’s future.

When I see stuff like this, I immediately think that’s it’s opinion that’s reported like news. Who’s short list are we talking about? Unless it’s Juwan’s short list, I don’t give a damn.

Is it your source’s short list? Who’s your source? Your buddy at the same blog? A colleague? A former or current Heat official that you got to spitball off the record? This isn’t news. You’re breaking your own think piece.[/rant]


I mean it is a speculative list but it isn’t really reported as fact. Don’t see the harm in reporting that some people could be in the mix.

Others have thrown around names like Jay Smith or Howard Eisley. If they don’t get or take the job, it doesn’t mean they were wrong.

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who is ryan miller ^ ?? TCU’s HC?

The Ryan Miller at TCU is an assistant coach (associate HC I believe, but top assistant). He’s Mike Miller’s (the one at Memphis who played in Miami with Juwan, not the G League HC) brother. Assume that is who the tweeter is talking about.

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Did not realize Ryan Miller was an AHC at TCU. Would love to bring the Miller bros.

Change the wording to “our” short list, and I’m a happy boy.

If he pulled Mike Miller from Memphis right now I would be ecstatic