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For me…

  1. Yaklich. He and Howard together — at least schematically — would almost certainly = a great defensive basketball team. Plus he’s young, Beilein approved, a great recruiter (of many of our current/remaining targets), and would be excellent for continuity’s sake.

  2. Someone with somewhat recent, relevant and successful college HC’ing experience. To help JW w whatever it is he’ll need help with / knowledge. Ideally a veteran guy he can lean on, has an existing relationship with, trusts, etc. Ideally an offensive-minded coach who has experience working with guards as well.

  3. A balls-to-the-wall recruiter. Someone who knows/is tied into the sneaker/AAU circuit. Ideally someone with a lot of South Florida, Chicago, Ohio and/or Detroit connections. A real impact maker.

Obviously not going to get everything I want in two hypothetical guys. But those are the kinds of guys I’d be seeking.

Any idea who might fit the bills?

Any rumors out there yet?

Steve Fisher isn’t busy…


John Groce makes $350k at Akron. Does $600k get him to be an assistant at Michigan?

More broadly, I’m of the mind (speculation) that Michigan would have spent big if they thought it could have landed them Beard, Donovan, etc and that there’s thus cash available to spend

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Perry Watson?

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I don’t even think you need to compare to a “big spend” they would have done…even just comparing to Beilein’s salary, there’s an extra $1.3M+ to work with.

A friend of mine told me Pat Baldwin (UW-Milwaukee head coach and father of the #1 recruit in the 2021 class) started following Michigan Basketball on Twitter.

I’m not on Twitter so I have no idea, but that checks a lot of boxes right there.




Your friend must read this site.

In all seriousness, Baldwin following the Michigan hoops account could mean anything. Would be a bit surprising for a LM head coach to take a HM assistant job but I’m sure crazier things have happened.


Dane Fife did it leaving IPFW for MSU.


Not sure where he got that from, but it makes sense.

Money talks, to some extent. I don’t know what Baldwin makes at UW-Milwaukee, but let’s say he could double his salary and coach his son? That might be enticing. And I’ve noticed an abundance of highly ranked kids in that city lately. Would be nice to plant a Michigan flag there. Odds are they aren’t going to Wisconsin or Marquette.

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Money would probably be close and he’s at a school a lot of coaches would run from.

Is it legal to bump his pay if his son signs? Seriously, Michigan legally buying two 5 stars, (Jett being the other) would be a wild way to take it’s recruiting to the next level.


Exact first thing Harbaugh did — hire the #1 recruit’s coach.

*and dad.

he did it twice (partridge/bush)

Funny thing is that it wasn’t Harbaugh’s plan. Rutgers pulled an offer for Partridge to be an assistant. Harbaugh gave him a low paid job on the support staff when he was out of work. It worked so well, he hired Bush Sr too.

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Harbaugh didn’t stop there. He brought Poggi’s dad to his staff, who left after his son graduated, spent his own wealth to pony up a football powerhouse in Maryland, already sent 3 of his proteges to the 2020 class.


Baldwin makes ~350 right now


LaVall had a $700K buyout at Milwaukee. Wonder if Baldwin’s is in force if he becomes an assistant? It’s probably lower, since he’s further into his contract.

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UW-Milwaukee is a public university so info is available on line. Based on, Baldwin’s 2017-18 salary was $361k…don’t know what other sources of income the job provided (coaches show, shoe contract, etc)

I would guess it’s $450-500k minimum to hire him away…unless he really wants to get out of his current situation and on to a power-conference staff?

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Jerry Stackhouse, another NBA-to-NCAA first time head coach, has built up a rather large staff for Year 1. Wonder if Juwan would consider a similar model…a Chief of Staff, a Senior Advisor to the Head Coach, and a Special Assistant to the Head Coach. Help off-load some of the new responsibilities so Coach can focus more on basketball


#4 player in the 2021 class is from
Milwaukee also… Michael Foster.

#7 a michigan target from chicago, Max Christie.

#12 from daytona beach (fl), Moussa Diabate. #19 from fort lauderdale, Wesley Cardet.

#13 from minneapolis, Chet Holmgren.

#14 from evansville (in), Khristian Lander.

#17 and 18 from PA, William Jeffress and Franck Kepnang.

…this is gonna be fun :slight_smile:

Khristian Lander would be a good start. He’s a known Michigan fan and is the top PG in 2021.

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