As expected, Jalen Wilson is headed to Kansas


No surprise here, but still upsetting! Hope the best for Jalen.

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Appreciate the signals on where this was heading Dylan. It helps with the disappointment :joy:


on to the next mentality!

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Good luck to Jalen in the future but I want guys who want to be at Michigan!

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I would say it’s impossible not to have a team of guys who want to play at Michigan :wink:

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Yeah, the graphic is neat and all, but did Kansas get a really cool commit video like Michigan did? Michigan wins! Oh…

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Welp. Here’s hoping Teske is developing the Dream Shake this summer.


What are Vegas’ odds on a Kansas NCAA investigation/probation? I know…sour grapes. Just sayin’.


Or every top 50 wing goes pro in less than two years? Would be curious about the actual stats there.

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“Notice of Allegations”?


The timing is rich.


Can we get a notice of punishments levied?




NCAA heard you! You should speak out yeaterday!


Good luck Jalen. However, if something should shake out with any sort of, oh I don’t know… allegations or anything like that I’m sure we’d be happy to keep the light on for you.

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Too bad this won’t accomplish anything.

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