April Recruiting Period - Coach Tracker

Any idea where the coaching staff is at this weekend?

First Beilein sighting is in Dallas

Pretty sure they are all in Dallas.

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The UAA, EYBL & NY2LA are all in Dallas. The Adidas circuit is weird it’s regional just this weekend. So depending on where you are located, you’d play in different areas. Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and those area teams are in Indianapolis. There is an Adidas regional event in Dallas as well.

Coach Beilein getting some love with his kicks, this is to see Maxey

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Watching Girard


Watching Anthony


Not sure who he is watching in this one

Del.harris? Is he coaching again? In college or at all? Wtf is he doing there

You’ll see a bunch of different out of a job coaches hovering over these recruiting events.


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More viewings of Carton https://twitter.com/ny2lasports/status/988057399402663936?s=21

I believe Beilein is watching Keion Brooks in this one (could’ve been another game but haven’t heard anything regarding UM recruiting anyone from Nike Team Florida).

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Looks like someone on staff was watching Trayce Jackson-Davis, a 2019 power forward from Indy

Caption contest?

I really want Jackson I’d be very happy to take watts and him. Get the teammates in here .

More info on this weekend

Davis plays with Keion Brooks for Indy Heat. Same program Brandon Johns played with. Michigan was moreso there for Brooks than Davis but I’m sure they are keeping tabs on him as well.

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Beilein (John, not Jim) watching Carton