April Recruiting Period - Coach Tracker


Brian said on the MgoBlog podcast said OSU recruiting people are feeling confident about Carton. Sure hope the pro-Michigan buzz on this forum is true, would love to get a great player and burn the rest of the B1G while doing it


Ohio State had their whole staff (Holtmann and 3 assistants) there watching Carton




Of course, JB the only one with a printed detailed report of player strengths and weaknesses prepared by his staff!
Touch every line!






One new name mentioned UM in interest for 2019 and another new name for 2020


Watching Beverly. Makes sense to have one assistant on hand for Carton and Beverly in Minneapolis. Was hoping to head over and watch some of these games but the little man isn’t having it


News on Jamal Wilson as well as UM taking a look at Exum Elite and D1MN


Watching Brooks and possibly Jackson-Davis. Looks like Saddi is there as well.


Another viewing of Maxey



Apparently Maxey is showing serious interest in Michigan. He personally reached out to one or multiple coaches during the week and asked them to come watch him with Houston Hoops. Michigan’s coaches seem to be very confident they can land him if he stays a 2019. Making him one of the absolute top priorities. I struggle seeing it happen though. Kentucky has been on him hard and he just feels like a kid that will go there.


No talk of reclassifying or interest from coaches in pushing that?


Beilein now in Indy watching Wilson. First day is watching Carton and Beverly in Minneapolis, then to EYBL stop to watch Maxey, Girard, and company, and now in Indy watching Wilson and all the adidas guys


From yesterday, watching Cole Anthony


Not saying you’re wrong, but I’m interested in why you see a kid who wants to come to a good school and play for a clean coach ultimately going to a bad school to play for a dirty coach.