April Live Period...Coaches Whereabouts

Figured I would start this…

Bill Self, John Beilein, Kevin Ollie, Kevin Stallings, Mick Cronin here 4 David Beatty @PhillyPrideAAU v Nate Pierre-Louis @SportsUTeamIZOD

— Adam Finkelstein (@AdamFinkelstein) April 15, 2016

Tom Izzo, Mike Brey, Cuonzo Martin, John Beilein, James Jones, Illinois, Cincinnati and more here for Canada Elite-Indy Hoosiers.

— Josh Stirn (@Josh_Stirn) April 15, 2016
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Thanks… EYBL tips off today so I’d suspect a heavy Michigan presence in NY.

JB attended the UA tourneys yesterday in NY, so as Dylan says, no doubt he will be in Brooklyn watching Cain today and/or tomorrow.

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I’m curious who he was watching in the first tweet? Kris Wilkes and Paul Scruggs would have been the targets in the Indy game.

Beilein watching Cain right now

Says David Beatty in the tweet. Could be others as well

JB is watching Cain, trust me.

Cain is having himself quite the first half here in NYC.

what number is he?

Cain is #24

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Cain finished with about 9pts, 3rebs, 1 block in the first half by my count. Easily the best player on the Court for The Family IMO.

JB went over to the other court to check out Brian Bowen.

He was in NY last night checking out the UA tournaments, he wasn’t in Indy.

Ugly game. Very underwhelmed with The Family. Could be the second time truly together thing or the fact they were playing against Nik Richards and couldn’t get anything at the rim while he was in the game.

As far as Cain goes, I’m trying to find a non-Michigan comparison and the only thing I could think of is, he’s a bouncier version of Keita Bates-Diop. He seemed to be very active on the glass and on defense. I honestly didn’t see a ton of offense in parts because my 9 month old doesn’t allow me to watch anything for longer than two minutes at a time. What I see is on offense is his ability to get to the rim and a few fast break dunks, which where EXTREMELY easy for him.

Now, this is a one game evaluation but I think he is clearly offer worthy. He brings some things to the program that Beilein hasn’t had. Another thing to think about, he looks comfortable playing some 4 and rebounding. He isn’t just a “perimeter” wing.

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He was watching those kids’ team in NYC last night.

Thanks Matt, I was aware just mentioning the target from the Indy Hooisers game in NYC. Look forward to your reports, hoping some new targets arise.

I’ve been saying this for a while, he’s the EXACT type of player we need. An athletic kid that has a GREAT motor, but has the skill to go along with it. His defense would most likely be an instant upgrade over anything we have on the roster to be honest.

With regard to The Family, keep in mind they have 5-6 new player and a new coach that have been together for 10 days now. That being said, the talent level is clearly down, but I think they will look better next week in Indy based on improved chemistry.

Overall though, Cain looks the part of a top 100 player that probably should’ve been offered a while ago.


Sorry about that, thought you were inquiring about where JB was in terms of geographic location. Apologies.

He should get an offer. My guess is a bunch of other schools will offer after this morning’s performance. JB has a protocol for how he offers and he doesn’t stray from it. We may not like it but he has stuck to it for as long as he has been at UM. Some prospects and families might not like it but I have to feel that many understand his logic.

I agree to a certain extent, but I think he dropped the ball a bit on this one IMO. He offered Jaren Jackson and Kyle Young…while Cain has been to campus MANY more times.

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