April Live Period...Coaches Whereabouts

To kind of get back on topic. Has anyone seen anything in regards to where Meyer, Bacari, and Hunter are?

I have to assume, and you would know better than me, Jackson and Young took academic tours. That’s the only thing holding Cain back. Cain has been there numerous times for games but it’s definitely a bit different than the full tour.

Hoops - here’s the thing, you have to be INVITED to get the full academic tour.


All makes sense then. I know you are close to Cain, did he just get the invite or was it an logistics issue?

Hoops - can’t get into much more for obvious reasons. Its a VERY good thing that Cain is taking the visit on April 27th, I think we can all agree to that. Lets just hope JB puts the full court press on Cain and makes him an absolute priority. Based on what I viewed today, I think Cain may need to be the #1 priority moving forward.

I’m holding hope that when some of the out of region schools take notice that Cain truly wants to stay close to home like he mentioned in his interview with Scout.

Can’t go into much detail, but that interview with Scout wasn’t the most ethical or accurate piece of work.

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it definitely did seem Michigan heavy in the interview compared to yours where he wasn’t giving up too many details. Well then here’s to hoping Beilein can close the deal!

JB took in Meanstreets (Brian Bowen), Livers is playing with Meanstreets as well as an FYI.

JB watching Billy Preston

JB watching Cain now

Preston already cut his list to 4 so hope JB isn’t there for him, would be interested who he might have been evaluating in that game.

Are you going to be doing a report on all the players you observed?

While Matt clearly has skin in the game here, check out the article on the home page. Cain was 2/13 from three and had 2 assists to 14 TO for the weekend. Seems like he had good overall scoring and rebounding statistics, though.

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Good point. Here’s the thing though, Jordan Poole went 4/20 from distance over the weekend - does he not possess perimeter skills/good jumpshot? Just food for thought.

I have to agree with MattD on this weekends AAU play. Just looking at statistics without watching and evaluating the game itself will not tell the story. You factor in first major weekend with new teammates. Also, turnovers can be deceiving. What type of turnover (passing, ball handling). Players often get turnovers because a teammate can’t catch a pass but the passer is given the TO. Just food for thought.

What’s your point?

The weekend’s stats provide some data. You don’t want to ignore the stats or overly focus on them, but incorporate them into your assessments. You can find video after video of Poole hitting threes in all sorts of manners, off the dribble, in a guy’s face, etc., you can find report after report lauding his shooting. So one weekend of off shooting shouldn’t change your perception that much. A summer’s worth of bad shooting might change the assessment a little. With Cain, before the weekend, it was pretty clear that he had the athleticism and motor, but there wasn’t so much evidence that he was a high level outside shooter or ballhandler. This weekend’s stats didn’t change that. Doesn’t mean he’s a bad shooter, but tends to support the notion that these are the areas he needs to continue to work on, and that this is what might hold him back from climbing as high in the rankings or pick up as many offers as he might otherwise. If he lights it up from distance the next couple weekends, that could change that perception.


That one weekends worth of stats don’t determine perimeter skills/shooting.