April Evaluation Tracking

Any new names emerge from the weekend? Thanks

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Hope that worked.

Very easy thank you.I thought I remember people saying they had a hard time before and I just started a twitter account

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Love this kids game. I think with purchase roster make up after the 17 class and 16 along with dejulius that this kids style of play would’ve be perfect.

I did notice that johns had a very nice first few games. I read a few people tweeting out he looked real good and a nice athlete. Maybe he’s turning it back up and on the rise again. Hope so if he’s a main target.

i posted on twitter a reply to carters stat line that he’s going to garner a lot of attention if he keeps this up.I added you’d look good in maize and blue and to bring jeenathan with you. He liked the comment and retweeted it. maybe there’s some real interest.

Gotta think so was signed onto Dayton. Michigan is certainly a step up. Belein could turn him into a beast.

Believe he visited this year but not sure if it was a full visit or not. Also could reclass to 17, maybe backup plan if DJ jumps?

Previous tweet from this guy says Michigan head coach was at every CIA Bounce game so don’t think that is true since JB wasn’t there every day.

Also saw a tweet that Nance had an offer as well, did he do the full academic visit?

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The ol’ making contact means getting an offer trick. We’d know if he was offered.

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That kid looks like he’s been playing really well lately. I like the highlights. I like a lot of the kids were eyeing. Nance, ignas,Ryan, bieneimly, hunter. Any of those are takes to me.

I’m thinking this one may be legit, at least based on what I’m hearing. We should know by tomorrow or so if it is.

That film was very impressive to me. I think that’s a take if he’s down. Then hunter or nance and that’s a nice class with dejulius. Count me in.


Balas at the Wolverine says Brazdeikis was on campus before and got a tour and quotes the kid as saying he got a call from Beilein with the news.


Just was watching hunter. In the game I watched they played pickerington central. Central again had some nice looking players. That school stays pumping them out. Sterling Manley jumped out. We didn’t need a five which he kinda is but he looked real solid. Underrated. Jeremiah Francis was extremely impressive from 19 too. Would like to add him.

Am I the only one who sees ignas as a wing. A three for sure, no?

Funny, each link I’ve opened has him listed as a different position — SG, SF, stretch-4. If he truly is big enough/physical enough to guard the 4-spot in college, he becomes a rather intriguing option. That shot-hunting scorer off the bench with positional flexibility across the wing spots.

I think he could handle a bit and play the three.

He seems awfully heavy footed for a wing. The ratings say that he is a take, but I am not sold. If he was 3-4 inches taller, then sign me up, but it doesnt look like he has the athleticism to be a super effective wing. I would love to be proven wrong though

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See he doesn’t look that slow to me.

I wasnt calling him “slow” per se. I am just lacking for a better word i think. I guess his movements just remind me more of a 6’11" guy than a 6’7" guy.

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He doesn’t seem light on his feet to me. Another few inches or more foot-speed would probably take him to the next level in terms of potential. But he seems quick enough combined with his other attributes (strength, size, toughness, shooting, etc.) to be very productive in college.

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