April Evaluation Tracking

Here’s a rundown of where Michigan coaches have been during the weekend. Feel free to post other tweets or mentions that you see.

Friday Night

Jamal Bieniemy

DeJulius + The Family


Beilein watching DeJulius this morning.

Anybody know how to watch the games live? Do you have to sign up for flo sports?

Can’t see myself paying to watch aau. It’s the only way right?

No, they live stream a few games. Not all of them though. On the d1circuit website.

Hmm I see them streaming one game a session it looks like. Gotta have Facebook app though

I couldn’t get it to work. Damn wanted to watch

Told everybody city rocks are going to make noise this year behind the Rochester kids. Won again. All the targerts played good again. Glad donlon was there. I know they like Girard and I do too but I really hope he sees the potential in the other three. All 3 can defend and score. Hope we start to hear more about them. I would like to know what level the interest is if they all listed us as recruiting them and what exactly the interest is. Who reached out ect. Loving it.

Dejulius is awesome. I bet he’s ranked top 50 by the fall.

Thanks for the updates, @umhoops! Any chance you could comment which players, in each game, the staff is likely there to scout?



Robby Carmody down in Dallas

Beilein checking in on the expected guys in VA

Under Armour is streaming two of their courts on www.uaa.io. Don’t know if there are any targets playing but I’ve been watching Grassroots Sizzle from up my way.

Live feed for adidas is here as well. Only one game. http://adidasuprising.com/livestream/

Nike use to make it free for everyone and now flohoops has taken it over and it makes it difficult to watch.

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Just heard Saddi Washington is watching Musa Jallow down in Dallas at NY2LA event.

Beilein watching Carmody this morning.

Does anyone know how to paste videos from tweets? I know people in here have said it’s tough to embed a tweet. I have some nice clips I found of our targets this weekend.

One clip is naz Carter almost bodying johns on a dunk. Had the finish been cleaner it would have been the dunk of the session for sure. It rolled in.

If Carter stays reclassified to 2018 he’s going to shoot up rankings. He’d be an amazing 3 or 4. He’s been the best player for possibly the best team of the weekend. A few to many turnovers but his efficiency is crazy. Every game he went like 6-9 from the field and ended with like 14 and 6. Certainly one of the best slashers in eybl. Wait till he rises on boards.

Also 2019 target Isaiah Stewart has 16 points and 19 rebounds against cam reddish today in a big win over team final.

Jeenathan Williams 2018 target has a great weekend too. Also had a sick dunk over two defenders. He was pretty damn good all weekend too. Averaging 11 a game I think. Again turnovers hurt but he was great.

That team is just so balanced and deep. They could win this thing.

Go to Twitter’s website, go to the tweet you want, click on the arrow in the top right of the tweet, go to “Copy link to tweet”, and then paste it in here. It’ll look like this:

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