Announcement Primer: Josh Christopher


I posted this late last night, but Josh had the 3rd and final part to his mini video series premiere last night.

Of course the video ended with him being asked if he has considered skipping college and playing internationally…to which Josh just smiled at the camera right before the video ended.

I’m still hopeful that was just to build hype and add suspense. Come to AA Josh!

I have a feeling a major curve ball will be thrown by JC today…


Hahaha I loved the “On USC” then just quoting that tweet.

The USC thing was a pretty funny last-second addition


I unfortunately share your sentiment

The fact no new CB came in from anyone leads me to believer no one besides family knows his college destination

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Or that everyone who knows already has their CBs in and has no reason to change…


For all this late doubt, just remember John Miller posted last week that Christopher is coming to Michigan. We can hold out hope that he has knowledge and is right on the situation.

That combined with ASU taking a grad transfer guard and Michigan roster moves (Howard walking on) all indicate he is coming to Michigan. Hopefully this all comes to fruition and the doubt is all just because we’ve been waiting so long for him to announce.


Yeah I mean 11 CB’s is a lot. I assume the experts know where this is headed.


I am just looking for reasons to be generally optimistic, but the overwhelming crystal ball lead + @johnmiller’s post + the existence of an Announcement Primer thread all seem to signal the belief that Michigan is the pick.


Has JC set a time for the announcement?

How do you add drama to an announcement when everyone already knows the answer?

The kid has known where he is going for months now. It’s not going to be a surprise today.


He has not, will update this post once he does.

Wow this as nerve racking as the Chris Webber, Jarod Ward, Daniel Horton and Mitch McGary recruitments.

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I’m guessing the last bit of drama is over the time for his announcement, because it’s not about where he’s going. Josh likes to play around online, but it doesn’t seem like he’s done that with the media or the coaches.


I hope either picks Juwan Howard or Howard university. I’m cool with either one

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Sam webb just wrote an obscenely long announcement primer and devoted like 5+ segments of his radio show to Christopher today. He doesnt do that for recruits that aren’t coming.


Did he issue a gut feeling?

From your keyboard to God’s ears!

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Listening to it right now on podast!