Andrew Dakich headed to ... Ohio State


Betrayal - Dakich to OSU

Best of luck to Dakich! He was great to have in the program for 4 years. I really hope he gets the chance to contribute at Quinnipiac.


My hope for his is that he drains a three and someone gives him one of these


Welp… Dakich to Ohio State


Is Dakich really going to play for OSU?!?!


Lol, wow. I assume this means he is on scholarship, but it is comical at this point. Bielfeldt, Spike, Donlon, and now Dakich essentially transferring to other Big Ten schools.


Looking at their roster there is a legitimate chance he could be their backup PG. Tough to fault him I guess if the opportunity came up.


Unsubscribed from his podcast.


He must be on scholarship. Otherwise it makes no sense. The whole point of him transferring was so he could get a scholarship and playing time elsewhere.


There are only 9 guys on the OSU roster, I assume he’s on scholarship. I guess Musa Jallow is coming in too as a reclass, so that’s 10.


No doubt. Can’t really knock him for being able to play, on scholarship, at another Big Ten school. Just sucks that it is more knowledge for another conference rival, one of our primary two at that. Says a lot for OSU if he has to contribute in any meaningful way, though.


Wow, going to be a huge shocker when Dakich helps lead OSU to a Big Ten regular season title, at least that seems to be how it goes when Michigan guys transfer in conference.

Good for Dakich for getting a scholarship to a Big Ten school, but man, how bad did things get under Matta that the new coach has to go out and get a walk-on PG from Michigan to cover for depth issues.


Ok ok ok… Is it at all possible that he will be playing on a team that plays “at Ohio State”? Maybe I am reading too much into this but it seems like a prank that Dakich would do. I am pretty sure Quinnipiac plays at OSU next year

edit: I cant actually find OSU’s complete non-con schedule and cant verify if Quinnipiac plays at OSU


If he has a legitimate chance at consistent playing time at a power conference school, I don’t know how you can fault him for this. Plus, rivalries aren’t quite the same on the hardwood as on the gridiron. Very few bball rivalries can hold a candle to OSU-UM in football.


I guess the next Dakich arrest video won’t be a fake. :wink:


At this point, what team in the Big Ten will NOT have an intimate knowledge of everything we run?


A team without a TV and the ability to watch game film?

I’ll buy some of what you are saying with maybe Billy Donlon on staff, but it isn’t like Andrew Dakich is going to design a gameplan that thwarts Michigan that is somewhat different than a coaching staff would have already come up with.

For example, I think Tom Izzo probably knows way more about preparing to defend Michigan’s offense than Chris Holtmann and Andrew Dakich combined.

Is there language or calls out there that Michigan would have to change? Probably, but Michigan is 3-1 against teams that had a former player to provide ‘intimate knowledge of everything Michigan runs’.


Makes you wonder just how much some Michigan players really hate our rivals.


Some hate them very much.

I just hope someone doesn’t pop off on Andrew (or Dan) on twitter and from here out out Dan Dakich has a negative comment or two about the Wolverine faithful.


I mean, yes, I get it, but I understood the sets my HS team ran (they were all the Carolina sets) in a way no one watching game tape of us could understand them. I knew the pressure points, which man was the key rotation that could be hit or miss, which spots you never wanted to throw the ball into if you were the opposing offense, etc.

By my second year in the system, I understood the Carolina sets in a way that was pretty next level. Dakich is a smart guy, even if I think he’s pretty damn limited as a college basketball player. I think you’re being a little dismissive of what can be learned by running something in practice after practice, day after day.