Andrew Dakich headed to ... Ohio State


So, you think after 4 years at UM, he is going to roll into Columbus and dissect the Beilein offense?


Plus we’re assuming he’s the type of person who would give away all the “secrets” in the first place?


Sounds like some kind of fantasy where he doesn’t share what he knows with his new team.


As Dylan said UM is 3-1 against the kids that left. You are making more out of it than it really is.


I’m not under estimating how well Dakich knows the offense (although he undoubtedly spent most of last year running other people’s offenses), I just think you are underestimating how well other coaches know the offense. There are gameplans, new sets, adjustments, etc. but the film is the film.

These coaches know what other teams are doing, the biggest leap is getting your team to execute a defensive gameplan in the moment.


As a coach new to the B1G, Holtmann might benefit more than Crean or Painter did from having a grad transfer from UM. Still a negligible issue, though, especially with Walton, Irvin, and Wilson gone and so many new faces in the lineup.


This shocked the hell out of me. But, I guess, welcome to Columbus, Andrew!

Anyway, the back up PG position opened up when incoming 2017 frosh, Braxton Beverly,
decided he didn’t fit in the new coach’s over all scheme and transferred to NC State.
I recall hope combo G Eric Ayala would reclassify and take minutes but seems a pipe dream. Therefore, A.D. to Scarlet & Gray.

I think Andrew is going to need to play regular minutes. Would any of you guess 10 minutes a game would be too much?


10 minutes would probably be too much. We lost a couple games one season almost solely because Spike was hurt and Dakich had to play 3-4 minutes. That was two years ago so I imagine he’s improved somewhat.

I imagine OSU would consider themselves very fortunate to make the NCAA tournament next year. So Dakich getting 7-8 minutes a game might not be terribly detrimental to the season’s goals, which would be the NIT and just have players improve and understand the system.


I’d like to see him play more than 10 min :grinning:

I think he’s a nice fit for the transition year. You needed to fill spots at guard depth. You get a guy that won’t take up future scholarship space. He’s been in the Big 10 so it’s not going to be unfamiliar. I’m going to assume OSU is going to keep their pace slow next year anyway so if he can handle the ball and play those spot minutes for breathers/foul trouble, that’s a win for OSU.

CJ Lee/Dave Merritt did really good things for Michigan in their 5th year roles when Michigan needed PG help


For Ohio State to make the NCAA next season seems impossible at this point, no? So, I agree w/your point. But few schools, though, will set the NIT as a goal. See my point as viewed through the eyes of Jae’Sean Tate, Kam Williams and Keita Bates-Diop. The NIT is unacceptable to them. Realistically, it might be the best that can get done by OSU but the players in the program will be disappointed if that, or less, occurs.

To have players simply improve and dig as far into the details of Holtmann’s system as possible will “show” the story of how far this team can go for one season but will set the stage for further improvement in years to come.

Recall, in Matta’s 1st season he took an unvarnished team to some good moments, aka a victory over an undefeated & #1 Illinois team at home in the last game of the regular season.

All that to say I boil this down to one item, Coach Holtmann’s team just needs to manufacture energy for the program in how they play each and every game. Play hard and together through all ups and downs. Bring hope back to that miserable home court at the Schottenstein Center.

If Andrew Dakich can walk in and add positives however many minutes he plays, it will be big for his teammates.

Sounds good to me. I just want to enjoy a Buckeye hoops season again. Andrew Dakich will add leadership, I feel. Something OSU has been missing. Maybe he can teach the OSU guys responsible for winning games to get after it.
His presence in a Scarlet & Gray uniform has unknown texture right now. Can’t wait for his first interview to explain his situation.




Seems weird but good luck to him