All 17-18 B1G predictions/opinions


Curious to hear who people ‘think’ will be all-B1G (1st, 2nd, 3rd, however many) and who people think ‘should’ be all-B1G. Could throw in all-freshman, too Im still scarred over Dwalt’s omission, just despicable; he deserved the recognition and the B1G tournament and NCAA tournament showed that.


I will put Wagner second team
MAAR third team
Simpson honorable mention.

Never gave it serious thought before but it struck me last night maybe MAAR can make an NBA roster.


I hate to say it but he has no chance of playing in the NBA

On topic I’m hoping for 2nd team for Wagner, but not holding out much hope. I would put him ahead of Haas and Jordan Murphy, but not expecting the voters to go that way.


I think it will be:

1st team:
Carsen Edwards, Tony Carr, Keita Bates-Diop, Miles Bridges, Ethan Happ

2nd team:
Anthony Cowan, James Palmer, Vince Edwards, Jordan Murphy, Isaac Haas

3rd team:
Cassius Winston, Nate Mason, JaeSean Tate, Jaren Jackson, Moe Wagner

Honorable mention:
Nick Ward, Tyler Cook, Kevin Heurter, Charles Matthews, Leron Black, Juwan Morgan, Lamar Stephens, Dakota Mathias


freshman team: Jaren Jackson, Brad Davison, Kaleb Wesson, Bruno Fernando, Luka Garza

Side note ---- I could see Moe not even making it. Happ, Haas, Jaren Jackson, Jordan Murphy, Tyler Cook, Nick Ward, Juwan Morgan is a tough group of front court guys. I wouldn’t be shocked if the coaches somehow left him off as ridiculous as that sounds.


Wagner dominated Jordan Murphy and Nick Ward. I would take him over any 5 in the league, but realize he’s not going to beat out Happ or Haas.

I would take Simpson over Winston too. Especiallly head to head. That’s not happening on a selection team either.


I won’t bother with predictions, but here’s how I would vote the 3 teams:

First: Carsen Edwards, Tony Carr, Keita Bates-Diop, Jaren Jackson, Mo Wagner
Second: Dakota Mathias, Cassius Winston, Juwon Morgan, Vince Edwards, Ethan Happ
Third: Nate Mason, Anthony Cowan, Miles Bridges, Josh Reaves, Isaac Haas

Other guys I considered: Rahk, Isaiah Roby, James Palmer, Jordan Murphy, Nick Ward, Kevin Huerter


Without looking at it in too much depth, should be:

C. Edwards

V. Edwards

Jackson Jr.
Mason or Murphy

Mason or Murphy, Rahkman, Huerter, Mathias, Copleand, Morgan, and some other guys


Do they select the teams by position or just the best 5 guys regardless of position played?


Best 5 guys


This isn’t directly related to all big ten teams but it got me thinking…I’m curious where everyone would rank Zavier Simpson in comparison with other big ten point guards. I feel like some might have him as high as 3 or 4 and others might have him way lower. I like a lot of the other PGs in the league…if I was choosing in order of who I wish was Michigan’s PG this year I would go:

  1. Carsen Edwards
  2. Tony Carr
  3. Anthony Cowan
  4. Cassius Winston
  5. Nate Mason
  6. Bryant McIntosh
  7. Glynn Watson
  8. Zavier Simpson
  9. CJ Jackson
  10. Jordan Bohannon
  11. Corey Sanders
  12. Trent Frazier
  13. Brad Davison
  14. Josh Newkirk


I agree with 8-14, then:

  1. Tony Carr
  2. Winston
  3. Edwards
  4. Cowan
  5. McIntosh
  6. Mason
  7. Watson

And, with Edwards, I’d kind of assume MAAR is the de facto ‘PG’ like in MAAR-Poole backcourts. I think Edwards is a better player than Winston, right now, but I’d rather have Winston on Michigan. Think he’d make this offense look so pretty.

Similarly, I think Mason is better than McIntosh, but I’d rather have McIntosh’s skillset on Michigan, especially with JB coaching him.


McIntosh is overrated and is having a pretty bad year, despite his excellent game against Michigan. I’d probably take X over McIntosh and Watson.


I think JB could make him play more efficiently, get the most out of his vision. Im also just partial to 6’4" pgs.


Could be. I guess he’s played through injured this year too…


Am I missing Bridges on these lists.


Bridges just announced on twitter that he is returning for his Junior year because he wants another year to prove that he deserves to be on mgl’s first team all big ten list.


When we are we going to learn to stop giving them all that DISRESPEKT for their bulletin boards! :wink:


Another year at State just might push Bridges into the 2nd round! :smiley:


Maybe. The league has a lot of good players coming in though. And Izzo doesn’t have his development program fully installed yet.


It’s only been 20-something years after all.