All 17-18 B1G predictions/opinions



1st team:


Palmer (coaches)
Happ (media)



Fair enough for Wagner and congrats to him. I think Michgan’s slow pace of play and late push (as opposed to dominating early) might have hurt him, but hard to argue too much with the first team.

Looks like some of the MSU/PU guys besides Bridges/Edwards got left off because of their deep teams. Some people might reasonably think that Jackson Jr was more important than Winston, or V Edwards more important than Haas etc. As compared to Tate, for instance, where he was clearly #2 on a top team. Or the voters just didn’t pay too much attention.



I think there’s a fair argument to be made that Cassius Winston is so bad defensively that he doesn’t deserve first or second team. I think he’s the best offensive floor general in the league by far but he’s a black hole on the other end


I hope someone prints this off, frames it and gives it to Z before the big ten tournament


Duncan 6th Man of the Year
MAAR honorable mention


Yeah, even though it’s nice to see players get these awards, it’s almost better when they’re snubbed. I hardly remember the all-B1G teams but I do remember a team that wins the BTT or makes a run in the NCAAs.

And good for MAAR getting some recognition and Duncan too – I guess there’s some advantage to not starting.


Re: Winston…

I think it’s pretty clear what these teams are rewarding when your DPOY (who averaged double figure points on effective shooting) isn’t considered one of the ten best players in the league (I’m talking Jackson here)