Adidas Nations Rosters

Irvin in the left corner is good for his % from 3 - Dylan’s shot chart indicates that Zak was 47% from the left corner vs 38% from the right corner. So I think it’s pretty fair to assume Kam on the right corner with Zak at the left. Kam should and probably will handle the ball more based on his ability to generate easy shots for others (Donnal, Doyle), but I also think we’ll see Kam get some post looks this year as well. One thing I don’t like about Zak being on the left corner is that he shoots a very poor % from the midrange from the left side (strange because he took more midrange jumpers from the left side), but I’ll take the trade off because I still think at least half of Zak’s shots will come from 3.

I think (know?) Kam would be killer from the free throw area like Mitch.

Kam would absolutely kill a zone defense from the FT area with his passing

We’ve been pumping out some content from Adidas Nations with a few more things to come. Interesting report on Zak in that last post from Scott Phillips who helped us out in Cali.