2024 Olympic Basketball

I would guess 6’8’’ which makes his standing reach all the more interesting. Almost certainly not 9’0’’ at this point. Arms are def long though.

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Yeah and you can see in that video of that 4th quarter they’re not going full intensity. Hardly the notorious Dream Team scrimmages. Def interesting to see Flagg in that setting though. Certainly looks like his giving up a decade in age to those dudes—Bam bullies him for an OREB wo really trying.

I think same age Lebron prob fits in a little better physically? Anyway def funny to get the whiplash of that Pfeiffer video of Flagg vs his peers and then watching that.

Kwahi has withdrawn and Derrick White is the replacement. Crazy rise for White from D2 to an Olympian with a big contract. He’s the epitome of a player who bet on themselves.

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Yeah, think there’s two things:

  1. People saw 10 minutes of a multi-hour practice, lots of those guys are only sort of engaged at this point, the hype of “____ from the select teams is KILLING THE SENIOR TEAM” is basically a semi-annual rite at this point, etc.

  2. He’s 17! (I think?)

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Yeah it’s nuts that he’s 17. If he really annihilates CBB at that age like, say, Zion did at half a year older, he could be really really special. Hard to imagine he’s on Wemby’s level but def the kind of guy that’s worth tanking for.

Anyone else watching this showcase? Olympic bball is so cool

Danny Wolf and Israel would destroy Team USA sadly

Jrue is some kinda defender. Stoned Murray and Shai in the same possession.

EDIT: The possession:


Don’t listen to DARKO!

A healthy Anthony Davis is a heckuva defender too.


Jamal Murray is a Jokic merchant



Embild has been awful.
(Posted this BEFORE his cheap shot.)

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Why did I think this was gonna be a fun watch. Pretty horrible (have only been watching ~10 mins)

Suprised neither Caleb or Moussa are on their country’s teams

Neither is good enough

Having Bam and AD together is unfair because they’re athletic and provide rim protection while maintaining switchability. Bam shooting 3 would alleviate the spacing concern. They were both +21/+22 against Serbia today.

South Sudan is a dark horse to win gold


Steve Kerr stinks

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Greatest shooter of all time merchant


Steve Kerr is just David Blatt with a Menlo Park propaganda machine