2024 NBA Playoffs Thread

His dad was the one who let Isiah choke him instead of going after his opponent.

Isaiah Hartenstein has 12 offensive rebounds last night (the Pacers had 24 defensive rebounds). His personal ORB% was 30%.

The Knicks took 101 FGA’s. Pacers 72.

I turned it on after it got out of hand. Was this an effort thing?

Well the Knicks are the best offensive team in the league in the regular season, and Pacers the 2nd worst defensive rebounding team, so that’s a good start before effort, while I think their effort was (and always is) pretty superlative.

Indiana got close to within 10 after 3 straight 3s by Myles Turner after halftime. After it, the Knicks turned it on.

If Minnesota loses how will their season look like overall? Sweep a talented but flawed Suns team. Win 2 in Denver possibly pulling the reverse sweep. I know there is talk about trading KAT but moving him and keeping Gobert seems flawed. Edwards is a star, McDaniels is ascending, Reid and NAW are good complimentary pieces. Conley is a good vet. I just don’t know their road to being great.

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Pretty overwhelmingly positive right? Pushing the defending champs to the brink, they’re probably a top 4 team in the league

They have some other moves to make and their ownership situation is a mess but this was an unequivocally great season for them.

and they still could win this series and potentially get to the finals


It’s a good year for the Wolves based on this season.

As for the future, the Wolves salary cap issues will be an issue with the 2nd apron looming for them. However as long as they have Ant, they’ll be okay providing they get good cheap pieces around him.

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They are right at the 2nd apron with just 8 players I believe.
Correction: 9

This is where rings discourse, where everything short of a title, is bad

Minnesota is in what their third playoff in 20 years? They have a conference final quality team with a different draw? They’re one of….the five best teams in the league?

This year was awesome!


Absurd Part Two.


What happened in Cleveland this year?



This post season exemplifies what Murray is in the regular season, dude is just wildly up and down

Good first half for the T-Wolves. They’re killing Jokic & Co. on the glass, 36-21.

I just turned it on. Has Conley coming back changed things for them offensively?

Yeah but it’s mostly defensive improvement

This is a freakin massacre

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Safely getting Garzilla some run.

Yeah Denver’s spirit has just died in this game. The crazy thing is that despite that, game 7 is unpredictable


murray has been HORRIFIC