2024 NBA Playoffs Thread

We’ve got an exciting off-season of Michigan basketball and a depressing off-season of Pistons basketball, but there’s still time to discuss some on the court basketball and what should be a playoffs full of intriguing matchups.


Orlando vs Miami ECF please


You’d be the only person watching that :joy:


Duncan vs Michigan alum team would be peak!

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I like it!


Lebron is crazy good for his age. Locked in Zion is fun. 7pt game going into the 4th.

Man Zion is so good but just keeps getting hurt

He still needs to drop 30 lbs.

Klay Thompson with a banger tonight.


Yeah with how the Warriors are been, I wasn’t surprised they lost, but I was still surprised they lost that badly. I’ll still take it though, still mad at them for trading Poole :pensive:

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they are mad to keep Green

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All dynasties have to have that embarrassing loss before they are broken up.

He’s signed for basically three years given his player option at around $75 million.

It’s not the WORST contract by far, but one they’d need to shell out draft picks to get off if, which I can’t see them doing.

Obviously him consistently missing time for nonsense is a big problem of theirs, but it’s not really their biggest, that would be $43 million to Klay, and and $28 million to Andrew Wiggins (and the fact that Steph isn’t a world destroyer anymore). I mean, this is the cost of their last title - a downward trajectory with their old stars getting getting worse. My assumption is that they’re just going to let these guys get old and retire.

Also good to remember that this team is probably a top 4 seed in the east.

Klay is off the books this summer. I can’t imagine any team would want to give him a big contract at this point and certainly not Golden State. That will give them a little more flexibility. They really need a new younger wingman for Steph.

Don’t forget 30mil for CP3

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I think they’ll bring him back, just a fraction of the cost. They’re already $20-odd mill over the cap for next year as it is, so I don’t think they’ll have flex.


This stinks for tomorrow’s game :disappointed::disappointed:

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Amazing to watch a potential generational talent destroy himself through what can only be described as apathy. Lost his pop a long time ago but still had so much skill he could make it work…if he lost enough weight for his lower body to not constantly explode.

I think the NBA szn needs to be shorter not longer but it’s fair to call the play-in tournament a success. what a thrill


Nic Batum!