2023 NBA Playoffs Thread

Really like the Knicks team

Randle has gone from under to over to under rated and settled at “properly rated”

Their three main guards (Brunson, Grimes Quickley) are quietly all pretty good, young

Latter two seriously good draft picks


Sometimes Donovan Mitchell is a flamethrower and you’re just gonna lose

I really like Clarke, especially in playoff basketball. He is a problem solver defensively and somehow does just enough offensively. He is a really good player.

Very funny that the best post scorer in a series that starts 4 guys 6’10” or bigger is 5’11”

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Hubie Brown is reverting to coach mode, yelling at everything going on on the court.


I love it

Been listening to Hubie since I was my kids age

“You’re Julius Randle. You just can’t force the drive to the basket like that.”


Okay this game is getting good…

Yeah, Mitchell on a heater

Even making some defensive plays

Josh Hart is just a high quality Swiss Army knife

Update: Brunson cold AF

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Osman workin hard on defense. Has to be so frustrating guarding someone as skilled as Brunson.


Yeah, way below league athletic tools just overcome by overwhelming craft

What a player

Really rough night for that Cavs 5th spot. Wade, Osman, Rubio, and (sigh) Caris all awful

Was at the game, and it’s crazy how much better everything is during the playoffs. Fans, atmosphere, the game, etc… Not a huge NBA fan, but the playoffs are always a good time.


This Kings crowd is gonna be turbocharged

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First time really watching the Kings. They’re fun. Skill at all five positions. Have a feeling this series is going to be a lot of pretty basketball.

I still wish the Warriors would have taken Franz instead of Kuminga. He would have been fun to watch in that system.


Kings offense is great

Only have 2 guys I feel ok about defensively in this series (Fox, Barnes)

Kevon Looney feels like he should be on the verge of retirement. And then you remember Beilein recruited him.


Six more games like this please.


Seen all the stats from Fox in clutch time this year, but getting to watch it finally on TV. Wow


Yeah, trees falling in the forest, etc, but he’s good.

Kings doing a good job getting to the line here


Fox and Monk are gonna give the warriors problems