2023 NBA Playoffs Thread

The Thunder are already a good team (when Shea plays), and they’re going to get so much better. That’s a real deal they have, I’m excited to see what it looks like when they get Chet, because at the moment, their best rim protector is Shea (seriously). I think Jaylin Williams (large one, opposed to Jalen, small one) is sort of garbage, and getting his time to Chet and moving Jaylin to a reserve role (maybe losing more to a healthy Poku) would be a good move.

Giddey isn’t as good a player (especially scoring) as he showed last night, but Jalen Wlliams is much better than he shoed last night. Dort is the ultimate trick or treat guy, and if he scores 27 on 14 shots (like last night) you’re gonna lose. He’s just as capable of scoring 4 on 14 shots.

But that team has the ability to be a defensive monster.

Yeah, I like the way the Thunder are constantly moving on offense (in the first half, anyway). And I was just trying to imagine how effective Chet would be in that system.

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My recall of Chet is that he’s a pretty good passer, and teams will need to at least guard his jumper. I’m bullish on what their offense looks like with him.

I think the big question on Chet is if they’re going to, for defensive purposes, play him with a beefy big (I think they have to, at least next year). He’s most effective as a defender as a help defender than guarding a guy straight up. People talk about Wembayana being slight, but he’s 45 pounds heavier than Chet.

To me Wenby looks a lot more sturdy than Chet

It’s arguably the lowest bar in that metric but yeah


until 15 seconds ago, Dan Snyder would beg to differ

Gonna place a futures bet on Suns to win it all at +425

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Bulls-Heat giving you everything NBA fans complain CBB is rife with you love to see it

I’m a Bulls fan and they’re up 1 entering the 4th and I’m still not sure if I’d rather them win or keep the 1.7% chance of Wemba lol

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This is for the best

This team cannot take a game off the bucks, even if Giannis got raptured before the seties

A good rule of thumb here:

If Max Strus scores 31 on 14 shots, you’re gonna lose


If the Pistons don’t get Wemby, I perversely want the Thunder to get him to pair with Chet.

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Kings-Warriors should be a fun, high-scoring series. I think the O/U for the first game is 237 points.

Also a good test of the regular season

Are the kings going to br able to score like that against a locked in playoff D?

Can the warriors flip the switch? Not many defending champs chilled as hard as they hsve

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You know the conspiracy theorists will be following the Lakers-Grizzlies series. The most glamorous franchise with the biggest name playing against a team from … Tennessee.

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And not even from NashVegas,TN.

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Grizz are in trouble

Adams’ screening and rebounding mattered a lot to them

They struggle half court and his offensive rebounding is a big difference

I think it also free JJJ to be his best defensively - a bird of prey just snatching little doves out of the sky rather than banging with Jokic or Davis. Clarke could bang well too, but he’s gone too.


Also missing Clarke. One of Grizzlies strengths was line up versatility and depth. Injuries has lessened that

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Yeah, +/- wise that Jackson/Clarke combo has been a killer for three years (I KNOW LINEUP PLUS MINUS BUT IM TALKING THREE YEARS OF DATA)

He’s a good defender

But Tillman (who’s gonna play) is an offensive zero

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Quin Snyder looks like an exhumed corpse

The gap between the top 5 of the East and the rest of it is cavernous

The Hawks don’t deserve to even look at the Celtics