2023 Big Ten Tournament bracket finalized; Michigan to face Rutgers on Thursday


UM-Nebraska final - book it.


…as Dylan stifles his absolute joy at getting early start times due to today’s outcomes.


Let’s go blue ready for all the feels again. With this team wherever it goes.


perfect - juwan needs all the facetime with keisei he can get


Well, I like this draw. Every win would be Q1 and Rutgers is certainly not playing well coming in. Obviously beating Purdue is a tall order but they’re certainly not unbeatable. Hopefully this team has a run in them.


Working from home so I don’t even have to pretend work in the office, let’s make a run


Hooray DVR!

It is definitely the best draw for what Michigan needs IMO. The 5 would have been messy in the sense that it wouldn’t really help much.

Rutgers and Wisconsin probably aren’t much different, but Rutgers earns you more returns.


I agree, I feel better about Michigan getting in with only 2 BTT wins with this draw plus Michigan matches up well with both teams


What does it matter? This team isn’t going to go anywhere. It has reached it’s level of competence.


Jesus take the wheel, I’m ready.


This is an interesting angle to me, simply because after watching all of these games slip away, it is next to impossible to envision us closing out just one, let alone multiple, games. I’m as guilty of that as anyone. When today’s game went to OT, I was 100% sure we’d lose, which I think is just human reaction being conditioned to watching game after game slip away. Funny thing, though (and I’m not trying to be a cheerleader or anything; I just find it really interesting how the mind works), is that we are not done. When I try to think rationally, just as easily as I could see us drop yet another close one this week, I could see reading a Dylan “first look” at our NCAA tourney opponent that immediately follows the bracket release . These are kids, college basketball is insane, and this is not over.


I both love and hate that I’ve talked myself into Michigan having the perfect draw to get back into bubble discussion. There’s always another shot.

Well until now, this is the last one


Kenpom: Michigan -1 versus Rutgers.


The team should come out with practice jerseys for the Rutgers game.


I think I’m just burned out on investment until next season after watching approximately 9000 late-game collapses. Need some refactorary period (an offseason) before I could get my hopes up again.


Where I’m at as well. My tennis partner yesterday could only play at 5pm, and I found that surprisingly to be a feeling of relief to miss the game and go play. I’ve been ready for the final nail in the coffin. That said, making the tournament would be a new lease on life, as is so often the case. A chance to play teams that don’t know you as well; a chance for Juwan to shine with the in-game stuff he excels at. Win-or-go-home is a good mindset to operate in for a team like ours. It’s meaningful to keep up postseason streaks. There’s still stuff on the table if they can actually do this.

But I can’t watch on Thursday and I am, again, probably glad for that. Might try to schedule myself a call Friday afternoon. I can’t give up Thursday and Friday to this.

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I can understand anyone who prefers to avoid any emotional investment the rest of the way. This has been an absolutely exhausting team to follow. I’ll still be anticipating and watching, but I totally get it.


For me, what’s been exhausting has been the tenor of the criticism aimed at the team from M fans. They’ve been far more annoying than the team itself which has given us just enough to cheer for.

It’s been awful listening to the hot takes on twitter, reddit, etc. the constant :sob: ‘waah i want Beilein back’ as if there’s someone within the program who’s at fault for his departure, the entitlement from fans after we were a number 1 seed just 2 years, the incessant boomer level takes on Juwan.

‘FIRE JUWONN!1’, yes because this program is going to go all out to hire John Calipari and not the assistant coach at Harvard.