2022 NCAA Tournament Open Thread

Let the fun begin… This is the home for all NCAA Tournament talk this year.


Don’t everyone comment at once about the current game ongoing. There is plenty of thread to go around. Texas Southern and A&M-CC are in a real battle


babababababasketball, gimme gimme gimme the ball because I’m gonna DUNK IT


Tex A&M-CC jerseys are… a bad court design on cloth.


I thought the TX A&M - CC was a joke being poked at TAMU but apparently it is a real school playing in the game right now. Wild.

Also, they are playing TX Southern, but apparently their logo is actually sTu, which I like a lot more.

This is literally all I know about this game and have to contribute.

A team called “sTu” should recruit players named Stu. Incredible NIL opportunity.

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Anyone else have Vermont in the sweet 16? :eyes::eyes:

Rooting for IU? I probably would normally, but the saltiness of their fans the last few days has rubbed me the wrong way, so I don’t know.

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Definitely rooting for Wyoming for maximum salt. Will probably root for Rutgers tho


I’m rooting against all Big ten teams.

Tough game for me to know who to root for. I’d like IU for the b10. I’ll route against MSU, OSU, and Illinois for obvious reasons but the rest of the b10 I’ll root for. On the other hand I like to root for teams like Wyoming

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Jumped on here late tonight, but put me in the camp that hates the 16 vs 16 play in games. Make the play in games for the at-large teams.

You win your conference tournament, you get to play one of the big boys and have stories to tell for the rest of your life.


Just came to the realization that I’ve watched way too much Indiana basketball over the past week.


Anyone else hearing the devante jones rumors?

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Absolute barn burner here 9-8 basically half way through first half. Yeesh.


That was definitely a block there. He was still sliding over


I’m a hard opponent to this. Field improves when you push those teams out. Also being in that game gets them more attention then they would otherwise get, and 2 of the teams win and get that chance anyway. And last of all the conferences that play in it often would never want that because for the teams that win their conferences gets a bigger payout because they played 2 games. And that goes a long way for these programs

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I’ve come to learn why IU fans get so frustrated with certain guys that play a lot of minutes.

Definitely pulling for IU, was roommates after college with a Hoosier and the fanbase over at Inside the Hall is one of the better out of there for a college bball site.

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yes, sounds bad.

IU and Wyoming being 0-9 the last 9 possessions combined is well not fun to watch