2021 NCAA Tournament Open Thread

Fun video by friend of UMHoops, Jordan Sperber!

Anyone have a guess as to what time we’d play on Monday? I need to schedule a 2-3 hour “work meeting” if it’s during the day :man_shrugging:t2:


Nope. Probably won’t know until Saturday night.

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I’d guess we’d be one of the prime time marquee matchups…especially if we match up with LSU.

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Every time I see my bracket is similar to an analyst I hate image


I’m finally feeling more comfortable with my bracket. Though I still don’t love it. I always get burned by Mountain West teams yet here I am again picking them to win 3 games total

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When my wife and I started dating I invited her into my bracket pool and she demolished it. This is an Australian girl who had never watched a second of college hoops. That was my bracket ego death and I have been at peace ever since.

Funny thing is that she used to pick based on “which mascot is cuter” and stuff like that and now she does a full week of research before submitting and she wins with both methods


Yeah, I had a similar story. My wife, also a Michigan alum who at least was in the Marching Band and Hockey band so attended sports events, won our family pool in convincing fashion and was ranked in the overall ESPN contest until the last round a few years ago based on nothing other than 5 minutes of filling out her bracket. She got cocky and hasn’t been able to repeat that feat since though.


I feel like I did much better with my brackets when I was younger. Had a great stretch in the mid 2000s during jr high and high school. Won my mom a lot of money by picking her brackets for her at work lol

Nowadays, I’m lucky to have my final four intact after the first weekend.

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Pretty clearly a shot at Dickinson’s breakfast picture (and probably other anecdotes). You’re so brave, Jon.


I saw Bohannon and Geo Baker go after Rothstein on Twitter already


Man, Bohannon has been on fire lately! Geo is spot on with his response. Disgusting tweet by Rothstein.


The video of Bohannon pulling out deodorant after deodorant and body wash after body wash from his NCAA swag bag was both hilarious and pathetically sad.


His argument should be that if the NCAA is generating hundreds of millions from this tournament they should be spending the money to make it as comfortable for the players as possible. He’s getting paid though, so he doesn’t care.


Love these players firing back! All these guys jumping through hoop after hoop to make this happen and people act like they aren’t human.


I have two Big 12 teams plus Zags and Michigan in the Final Four. I really liked Oklahoma State and their late surgence plus Cade is so good.

I have a feeling that Zay will be back for the 2nd weekend.

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I had a great year picking for my wife her office pool in '18. Terrible first weekend and she took flak but ended up a runnerup. Had effing Luke May not made that shot, we would have won the pool. Runnerup. The next year she got a little cocky but I did a poor job picking.

I’ve been runnerup two of the last three times Michigan lost on Monday night. Never won.

  1. Good for both these guys. Rothstein has the critical thinking skills of the boots he enjoys licking.

  2. I have one eye on the Celtics-Jazz game and Webber (announcing) just started humming The Victors mid broadcast before shouting out Michigan/Juwan. Pretty cool and unexpected.