2021 NCAA Tournament Open Thread

Eastern Washington is hot while Kansas is missing one of their best :eyes:

Is Wilson hurt or in Covid protocol?

COVID, I believe.

I’m fairly set on my South and Midwest brackets, but the West (outside of Gonzaga) and East have so many possibilities

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I’m in a pretty interesting contest where you pick 12 teams and you get points based on a combination of their seed and the round. So if you pick the right upset teams from low seeds you can get some good points. Kansas won’t be on my list…

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No TV Ted in the tournament is the only plus I take from this. Otherwise, this is the sort of thing that terrifies me for this tournament.


I’m in a similar pool where you get points for the Seed X the Round they make. It’s really fun. Who are some of the teams you are thinking of picking if you don’t mind me asking? Early on, I was thinking of

  1. San Diego St.
  2. USC
  3. UConn
  4. Loyola Chi (although I don’t see them beating ILL)
  5. Winthrop

Also considering 12. UCSB, 12. Georgetown, 13. Ohio

Not sure where to put this but it’s interesting to see the actual path to Livers being able to play basketball again.

*not that the steps are revolutionary or anything just interesting because that’s what he’ll be doing over the next few weeks.

I know it’s been asked before but I wonder how the rehab he’s able to do in the bubble compared to the rehab he’s be able to do at UM.

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Since Isaiah is still in a boot, I would conclude he is not walking pain free yet.

They already have rehab goin’ on. Alex and the staff are on it. Now, will he be able to make it back? Who knows, but they are doing what they can to make it at least a possibility. If it is to happen it will be because Zay has great resolve and will do whatever it takes and the training team has that same resolve and determination. If it doesn’t happen it will not be for lack of effort or determination or the skills and creativity of the staff. But, it probably won’t be in the first two weeks so his brothers have their work cut out for them. 212 degrees fellas!

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Wonder if it was a ref at ACC tourney given the issues there and that list of refs. I’d be pretty nervous if I was an ACC team this week. Pretty nervous if I was any team really.


Is this type of thing done through a website or just amongst friends? Would like to set up a pool myself if through a website

I’m pretty thrilled Michigan is past the few two rounds of testing and are actually practicing. It would seem like the hard part is over but you never know.


With six referees testing positive the only logical solution is to postpone the tournament for a couple months and just go forward then with only the top four teams.


Please frantically knock on some wood.


One of mine is from a guy I used to work with and the other is through a friend of a friend… I’ll see if I can figure out how to invite people to it. I’m sure it’s a more the merrier situation. That format along with a survivor pool where you pick one team to win every day and then can’t repeat teams is my favorite way to gamble on the tournament.

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