2021 NBA Playoffs

and to your point

Burke basically is never, ever, a PG despite the fact that most would agree “it is his position”.

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Before this season, I would agree but after this season, LaVine has been really good. It’s not an empty stats guy anymore.

I think one of the UDM’s all time great put together a great classification of positions because basketball has evolved so much in the last 10 years that it’s no longer PG, SG, SF, PF and C. See below and I agree with the new label.

Those guard designations have me scratching my head trying to figure out what they mean

PG: would be a pure pass 1st PG. Like Ricky Rubio
HG: Can score for them but can be a distributor. Like Steph Curry
TG: A pure pass 1st PG but can score if needed to. I guess, Steve Nash falls into that category.
CG: Isn’t a PG but is more of a SG. Like Rocket Watts

Does that make sense?

Seems like way too much delineation where it’s not needed lol. I think the best way is to just use roles. I.e. Primary Ballhandler, secondary ballhandler, floor spacer, defender, etc.


Most of the pods I listen to/writers I read at this point tend to say “guards”, “forwards” and “centers” and stopped trying to parse it.

It’s how most (many?) have Curry and Lillard as first team All NBA

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That’s his definitions if that helps


This is the first and only time that Rubio, Steph Curry, Steve Nash, and Rocket Watts will be the only players mentioned in the same post.

(disclosure: I did clearly understand your point…I just wasn’t expecting to see Rocket’s name as the “CG” lol)


Here are some labels based on offensive role:


I was thinking off the top of my head but Rocket would be clearly understood lol!


Side note…is Rocket like the last guy at the bar when the music stops? The portal feels pretty empty at this point and yet we’ve heard nothing about him. I wonder what the deal is there - feels like he was either hoping to get an offer from a high tier program or something else going on. Feels like half the B10 would want him (MN, NE, NW, RUT, etc.)

Rumors I’ve seen are that Creighton is the likely landing spot

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I also heard Depaul was in there for him. A backcourt of him and Jalen Terry would reunite The Family backcourt of Rocket’s 17u season.

Him going to DePaul would be incredibly on brand


His combo guards are throwing me off.

In fact it’s not so much different styles/categories as tiers. Seems like his PG is a TG who can score. His HG is a CG who is just better at everything.


They can service others. What don’t you understand


should just call “HG” super guards. They can have the ball any time they want during the game, and MJ probably is the very first of them, followed by Kobe, Harden also belongs. His “TG” is just “PG” who can not score, and there is not really that much difference between CP3, Nash, John Stockton and Kidd.


Cool Guys

Zach Lavine
Devin Booker
Jordan Poole

Rad Dudes

Russell Westbrook
Patrick Beverly
Chris Paul

Chill Bros

Steph Curry
Klay Thompson
Bradley Beal


hey I take issue with Pat Bev on this list. He is not rad at all! He is a Stanky Bozo